Discharge from the maternity hospital in the summer - how to celebrate and not forget anything

It is better to prepare for the day when you will be discharged from the hospital while you are still pregnant. Think about what things you and your baby will need, how your discharge from the hospital will proceed, and organize everything in advance, since no one will do this better than the expectant mother.

Depending on how the birth went, as well as your condition and the condition of the child, you may be discharged from the maternity hospital on days 3-4 or 5-7. Usually, after a caesarean section or, for example, severe jaundice in a child, as well as in the presence of other deviations from the norm, the stay in the maternity hospital can last up to 6-7 days. The decision to discharge is made by a neonatologist if the baby’s condition is satisfactory and by a gynecologist after examining the mother. For discharge, it is best to prepare two packages of things: for yourself and for the baby; be sure to sign the packages and ask one of your relatives to bring them on the eve of the cherished day.

What does a mother need to be discharged from the maternity hospital?

Everyone decides for themselves what to wear on the day of discharge. Select in advance one or more options that you like (so that you have plenty to choose from later). Keep in mind that after giving birth you will not lose weight dramatically, so you are unlikely to immediately fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes, and besides, after the milk comes in, your breasts may also increase in size.

In the event of a caesarean section, it is worth choosing an outfit that will not put pressure on the seam, so it is best to opt for a dress. If you have a long journey home from the maternity hospital, choose an outfit taking into account the need to feed the baby. You also need to take into account the season of the expected birth.

    Sample list of things for mom:
  • nursing bra + breast pads;
  • panties + sanitary pad;
  • minimal set of cosmetics;
  • hair straightener (if you use);
  • loose clothing (if necessary, suitable for feeding);
  • outerwear and shoes.


Nowadays ceremonial discharge is very popular. It can be organized by relatives and friends, or by the new parents themselves. In many cities there are special agencies that prepare and conduct ceremonial discharges from maternity hospitals.

If you want to organize a holiday, you need to agree on this in advance with the maternity hospital, as well as with the organization that will help hold the celebration. Having paid for the latter’s services, all that remains is to wait for “day X”. After the baby is handed over to his father, the festive performance begins. And after it, parents can go home.

What does a baby need to be discharged from the maternity hospital?

Set for discharge for the baby
For the baby for discharge, you can buy a ready-made set for newborns, size 56 cm. It already includes everything you need (for example: a hat, bodysuit, slip, anti-scratch pads), if you want the baby to be swaddled, then take an additional diaper (preferably light or to match the envelope/plaid). The choice of items for discharge for the baby also primarily depends on the season.

Flowers - to be or not to be

It is already clear how discharge from the maternity hospital occurs. But there are still questions that require the attention of new parents.

As already mentioned, at discharge it is customary to give flowers to a woman who has recently become a mother. But some maternity hospitals prohibit this tradition. The ban has a justification - flowers are a strong allergen.

Whether to give bouquets to material and staff or not, everyone decides for themselves. You also need to think in advance what kind of flowers to give.

How to be discharged from the maternity hospital in winter?

In late autumn, early spring and winter in our country you cannot do without a warm envelope. On many forums, it is advised to immediately purchase an envelope, which is then transformed into a jumpsuit with legs, the so-called transforming jumpsuit.

I thought for a long time about what to choose for my baby when he was discharged at the end of September. At first I wanted to buy just such a transforming jumpsuit. But I didn’t find anything attractive in appearance. And I needed a jumpsuit-envelope of a solid light color: white or beige. In the end, I just bought an envelope, very light and warm, so that I could later use it for walks. I took the size 0-3 months. Of course, on the day of discharge it was too big for the baby, but then we walked in it in a stroller for up to 4 months. Unfortunately, this envelope was not enough for us until the end of winter, then we had to buy an ordinary onesie, which the baby wore until the end of spring, until it became too small for him.

From experience, I want to say that you should not try to buy an envelope or overalls that are too large for your growth; it will simply not be convenient for you to use it. I think it is better to buy a jumpsuit that is not the most expensive, but one that is in size.

If I now had to choose what to send my baby out in, I would choose a special envelope and baby’s outfit in the same style. You can choose and sew any option to order for any season, in my opinion, it looks very cute and stylish.

Parents can also dress in the same or the same color scheme as their baby. It will look very beautiful, especially if you decide to order a photo shoot for your discharge. Is it worth ordering a photo session for discharge? Read below.

    Sample list of things for a baby:
  • Envelope/overalls/plaid (suitable for the season);
  • car seat 0+;
  • diaper 1-2 pcs.;
  • socks;
  • bodysuit with long or short sleeves depending on the season;
  • cap (cap);
  • warm hat (needed in the cold season);
  • overalls (slip) or rompers + blouse;
  • anti-scratch;
  • diaper, if it is necessary to swaddle the baby.

How is the checkout process?

When the day of discharge approaches, in the morning, after examinations by doctors, the nurses will inform you that you can be discharged today. In some maternity hospitals this is a strictly defined time, in others you can choose a convenient time for discharge yourself.

After you have been given all the necessary documents (a report on the state of health of the mother in labor and a report on the state of health of the baby), you collect your things and report your readiness to the pediatric nurse. She takes your baby and together you go to a special room, there you dress, and the nurse dresses your baby in the things you prepared. It is better to put on makeup and style your hair in advance in the room.

Then you go out into the hall together, where your family and friends meet you. If you wish, you can give a gift to the medical staff (cake, candy, coffee, fruit basket, good alcohol, etc.) But, for example, I gave gifts to the doctors and obstetrician who delivered the child, simply as a token of gratitude - I gave birth for free. When I was discharged, I didn’t quite understand who to give gifts to and for what... The girls who are nurses change every day.

Gift for an older child

Unfortunately, older children do not always easily cope with the arrival of a new family member. Even if the brother or sister is long-awaited, it is at discharge, when all the attention of not only parents, but also other relatives is directed to the newborn, that older children may experience discomfort. Of course, you can make your child happy and make your brother or sister’s birthday a memorable day by giving him a meaningful gift.

Many parents give gifts on behalf of the newborn, while others give gifts to older children simply in honor of the birth of the youngest. You can give mutual gifts to children from each other. Which option you choose depends on the age of your older children and your personal discretion. It is clear that no gifts can replace the equal attention and love of parents for the elder, but in any case they will please the child, create a feeling of celebration (after all, he is now the elder) and leave pleasant memories of this day.

Psychologists advise that during discharge the mother’s hands should be free and, first of all, you need to approach the elder: hug, kiss, tell how you missed you. Then you can show your brother/sister when the child himself shows interest. Give a gift if you wish. At first, it is the mother who should spend as much time as possible with the eldest child until he gets used to life in the new family structure.

Husband and his participation

Discharge of a child from the maternity hospital is a responsible and solemn event. And not only the mother, but also the new father needs to prepare for it. While the wife is in the maternity hospital, the husband will have little time to prepare.

What should a man do? For example:

  • clean the house;
  • decorate the apartment for the arrival of your wife from the maternity hospital;
  • assemble children's furniture;
  • bring the new mother everything she asks for;
  • agree with the photographer and videographer, as well as the agency that will conduct the official discharge;
  • plan the fun so that it does not strain mother and baby - they need to rest;
  • prepare transport and decorate it;
  • Ensure that the new mother has the right products at home.

If a woman does not want to celebrate her discharge, this needs to be listened to. And do as the new mother wishes. Often after giving birth you don’t want a holiday, no noise, no fun. There is no desire to even see close relatives. This is fine. A man must explain such a decision to relatives and friends, protecting his wife from unnecessary stress.

Is it worth doing a photo shoot on the day of discharge?

If you really want, you can invite a professional photographer, but UNDER NO EVENT use the services that will be offered to you at the entrance to the maternity hospital. 10 photos taken by non-professionals, without any retouching for 1,500 rubles. - no better than what you can do yourself with your camera or phone. They may also offer you a watch/bottle of champagne/mug with your photo for 1000-1500, taken “around the corner”. This is an unjustified waste for such low quality workmanship, both of the photograph itself and of the souvenir. This is pure scam. The same “photographers” often stand near registry offices, take pictures of you under various pretexts, and then offer you their souvenirs at incredible prices.

In my opinion, the idea of ​​a photo shoot on the day of discharge is generally not the most successful, since most Russian maternity hospitals are not the most suitable place for photography. Bad light and a tired mother also reduce the likelihood of getting really beautiful shots, especially since the child is usually not visible at all in the photographs.

You can simply ask your friends and family to take a couple of pictures in the maternity hospital as a souvenir using a regular camera or a good phone. And conduct a professional photo session for the whole family in the next 14 days, until the baby suffers from colic, has no allergies and sleeps well and for a long time. You'll get stunning images of your newborn and your family that will truly cherish these moments for a lifetime.

What to do after being discharged from the hospital?

Photo session of a newborn
Depending on the condition of the mother, after discharge you can invite your closest friends and family for a small tea party; of course, it is better to prepare everyone right away and explain so that they are understanding and do not delay their visit. If the mother’s health does not allow it, then you can invite guests when the baby is a month old, and they will be able to admire how little he was in the photographs, if you are not too lazy to organize a photo session for your baby, as mentioned above - in the first two weeks.


In clothes for newborns, practicality and comfort are much more important than elegance. The baby doesn’t care what color the set is, but if the clothes rub somewhere, if the fabric is rough or irritates the delicate skin, this is a much more serious problem than the lack of ruffles and appliqués. It is important to choose the right other things for the long-awaited baby. Read about which towel is best for newborns at the link.

Many Russian manufacturers are proud that they sew children's clothing according to GOST standards, even if they are inferior in elegance to foreign models.

  • Tekstil-Borislav LLC - rarely has anyone not heard of Ivanovo cotton fabrics. The company produces both children's clothing and linen from the softest chintz and calico.
  • Marisha - children's knitwear Marisha from Ivanovo: breathes, follows the shape of the body and does not restrict movement.
  • The Magnitogorsk children's clothing factory "Eureka" offers about 200 models of clothing for children of different ages, including the youngest.
  • Meridian LLC is also known for children's knitwear, sewn according to GOST standards. Sets of varying complexity include from 5 to 10 items.
  • Anna LLC offers a complete wardrobe for newborns and for all children up to 7 years old. Cotton and cotton-linen blend fabric is used.
  • AvexTex is a knitting factory, unlike other manufacturers, you can place an order on their website, choosing everything you like.
  • Yulla is Smolensk knitwear for children, characterized by high-quality tailoring and excellent design.
  • Viotex – knitwear and textiles form the core business of the company.
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