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Streptoderma in children Treatment
Streptoderma in children If treatment is not started in time, the ulcer reaches large sizes, and around
hair loss after breastfeeding
Hair loss during breastfeeding: why and what to do?
Hormonal changes during pregnancy and after childbirth affect the condition of the hair -
high temperature in a child
The child has a temperature of 38, what should I do?
A temperature of 37 in young children causes parental concern. On the one hand, it's not a fever,
How to recognize and treat the Coxsackie virus in a child?
Childhood infections are caused by a huge number of microorganisms. One of these is the Coxsackie virus. He refers
Red spots on the head may indicate the presence of lichen
Red spots with a yellow crust on a child’s head
If red spots appear on the head, this can be caused by various reasons. AND
2 month old baby is drooling
Hypersalivation, its types and methods of treatment Some people experience increased salivation. In medicine
how to use a gas outlet tube for newborns according to photo instructions
Vapor tube for newborns: how to make it yourself - reviews. How to use a gas outlet tube for newborns made of plastic, rubber, Windi?
Flatulence is a disease that often plagues people of all ages. Intestinal dysfunction leads to
The child does not drink formula, what should I do?
How to teach a child to use a bottle - not every child agrees to eat from a bottle with
The child’s feelings and connection with the mother: during pregnancy, childbirth and the first days of life
How wonderful the pregnancy period is for the expectant mother: the anticipation and anticipation of meeting her true one
Healthy baby sleep
How long should a child sleep
How long should a newborn baby sleep between feedings? This is a fairly common question for pediatricians from young people.