Gingivitis during teething in a child
Teething is an important process, which for many young children is accompanied by unpleasant sensations.
What you need to know about children's hair?
Hair loss in newborns and infants
Soft and delicate, children's hair is so different from adult hair. On the one side,
Girl takes a blood test
Blood test for hCG: level of pregnancy hormone by days from conception
Pregnancy test A blood test for hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) can be taken by referral
All about fruits and berries in the diet of a nursing mother
Berries in the diet of a nursing mother: a superfood or a dangerous allergen?
Today no one argues that breast milk is optimal for a baby.
How to treat chickenpox on the tongue in children and adults
General information The danger of chickenpox in adulthood is its severe course, possible
Physics of the city: why in winter the tongue sticks to the metal horizontal bar
TV Tropes For English speakers and those who want to become even more familiar with the topic in the TV project
Newborn baby. What does it look like? What does it feel like?
All parents need to know what allergies look like in their child. This disease is widespread
Frostbite of the cheeks treatment
Frosty blush. How to understand that a child has a cold allergy
If a child has a cold head, you also need to palpate his nose and limbs to
White pimples in a child’s mouth - photos of symptoms and treatment
Types of rashes in adults Mouth acne in adults appears for many reasons. Treatment
Regurgitation in newborns may be normal.
Burps brown newborn
Rating: No rating Immediately after birth, the baby is busy with two tasks - sleeping and eating.