Scarlet fever in children: symptoms and treatment
Scarlet fever in children is not a sore throat! What symptoms will help make the correct diagnosis?
Scarlet fever is an infectious disease that occurs as a result of exposure to erythrotoxin (with
Blisters on hands
Epidermolysis bullosa group of diseases
Epidermolysis bullosa is divided into four main types, differing in the level of skin at which they form.
Illness in a child
Roseola in children: what is the “sixth disease”
Roseola is a viral disease that affects children of different ages; it occurs quite often.
Obstetric 25th week of pregnancy and changes in the body of mother and child: fetal activity, developmental features and sensations of the mother, what is happening to the baby and what it looks like
Table “Length of the cervix during pregnancy by week” The organ has been rapidly maturing over the past
Using white noise for a child all day long: this and other mistakes parents make
Good afternoon “I am your Baby”! I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and really hope
Autism in a child: how to recognize and what to do
A child suffering from autism lives in his own world, he poorly understands and perceives the events that occur