Winter stroller for a newborn: functionality and selection rules

A newborn is a small life that requires tender care, care and love. The birth of a baby is preceded by the acquisition of a whole range of necessary things for his comfort, development, nutrition and sleep. First of all, young parents worry about such things as a crib and a stroller, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of a baby in its very first days.

Stroller for a newborn – what is it?

A modern stroller for a baby has long ceased to fulfill its original function - to be a pleasure vehicle. The new models look like full-fledged “homes on wheels”, where without unnecessary difficulties the mother can accommodate not only the baby, but also a minimum supply of all the necessary things to care for it. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a stroller without a large number of convenient and practical overhead bags, pockets, compartments and sections.

The stroller has also long ceased to be the same type of model. Modern variations allow you to buy strollers of different configurations and complexity, depending on the frequency of use, seasonality and age of the baby. Certain types of strollers allow you to move several children at the same time - twins or even children of different ages.

Transport for children has long ceased to be purchased only because of the beautiful design and affordable price. Modern parents pay more attention to the configuration of the stroller, the quantity and quality of its wheels, protective functions, the presence of seat belts, covers and raincoats, handles, brakes, maneuverability, ease of control, weight and dimensions.

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Which stroller to choose for a newborn

When choosing a stroller for a baby from the first days of life, it is necessary to take into account the size, weight, type of wheels, handles, shock absorption, and the suitability of the vehicle for the time of year. Below we will look in more detail at what you need to be guided by for each individual parameter. Now let's take a look at the algorithm that should be followed when choosing the ideal stroller for your newborn baby:

  1. Decide which stroller will be more convenient for you and your little one: a transformer, a cradle or a modular model.
  2. Calculate the size of the stroller that can easily enter and fit in the elevator.
  3. It is important to consider what time of year your family is expecting a new addition when choosing a stroller. If it is late autumn, winter or early spring, you need to purchase a stroller with insulation or use all-season models.
  4. Decide what you want your little one's future stroller to look like. Think about how many wheels you need and what size you need them, how movable the handle should be, what equipment the proposed model will have, what additional accessories you might need.
  5. Now you need to consider several options, do not forget to consider your financial capabilities.
  6. Process the information, look for reviews on the selected options on the Internet. This will help you finally make a decision.
  7. When purchasing the stroller you choose, be sure to check that there are no defects or any defects.

Now let's take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when choosing a vehicle for a baby:

  1. Dimensions. First of all, it is important to pay attention to how much space the stroller will take up. Firstly, it depends on where you can place it, and secondly, whether it can fit through the elevator door and actually fit in it. For young parents living above the first floor, the way they exit the entrance is of particular importance. Therefore, when choosing a suitable stroller model, you need to take into account the dimensions of its width and length. Measure the width of the elevator car and the distance between the doors, write down these numbers, when you go shopping, ask for measurements of the stroller you like. As a rule, the distance between the elevator doors in an ordinary residential building is 55 cm, but the width of the stroller, taking into account the wheels on both sides, is on average 52 cm. Therefore, there is a risk that parents will purchase a stroller that simply will not fit into the elevator. That is why it is very important to measure everything in advance and only then go to the store.
  2. Weight. When choosing the right vehicle for a newborn, you need to consider how heavy it will be. You must understand that almost always a young mother will have to tinker with the stroller herself, because dad will be at work at the time when he needs to go for a walk. Remember that no one canceled the steps when descending from the first floor and when exiting the entrance. And believe me, a stroller that is too heavy will be very noticeable for a young mother. However, when choosing a stroller with a suitable weight, it is necessary to take into account the fact that a vehicle that is too light for a baby may also not be suitable as he grows up, because the child will become more mobile, will try to roll over or sit down, and then he will most likely turn the stroller over by his actions and will therefore suffer. So you need to settle on the golden mean.
  3. Material. Buy a stroller with an outer shell made of materials that protect against the penetration of moisture or wind. This is achieved by impregnating the fabric with a special substance. This covering will not only protect your child from wind and rain, but will also make it easier to care for the surface of the stroller.

It is desirable that the inner lining be made of material that would allow normal air circulation in the stroller. Thus, your child will receive full oxygen, both in the cold season and in the warm season.

Make sure that the lining for the baby's seat is made of natural material, for example, cotton. This is important to prevent an allergic reaction and the occurrence of diaper rash and heat rashes during summer walks.

  1. Wheels. There are a few things to consider when choosing this part:
  • give preference to large wheels, they will facilitate the control process;
  • it is better to choose inflatable wheels rather than monolithic ones; such a device will ensure smooth running of the vehicle;
  • which number of wheels to choose is your choice, but know that a three-wheeled stroller is convenient for narrow paths, and a four-wheeled stroller is suitable for passing through puddles, holes, downhill slopes, when driving in the snow, going down the subway or into an underground passage;
  • A convenient device is the floating front wheels of the stroller - they make it easier to control, and can also be fixed if you need to drive, for example, in the snow.
  1. Depreciation. It is very important that the baby has a good system, because it will make it much easier to drive on uneven roads or potholes by softening the impacts. In order for your stroller to have a good shock absorption system, you need tires made of good material, large wheels and a high-quality shock-absorbing mechanism. The latter can be either belt-type (the berth with the wheel system is connected by special belts) or spring-type (the presence of special springs).
  2. Pen. It is important to pay attention to the height of the holder. You can choose a device that is ideal for your height. However, it is worth considering that sometimes dad can take the stroller, and his height is usually higher, therefore, such a height of the handle may be uncomfortable. Therefore, you can purchase a stroller with a height-adjustable handle.

Also, cradles and monolithic strollers have molded handles, while in transformers and strollers the handle can be flipped over. This is convenient when outside the wind or the sun hits the baby’s face, you can simply throw the handle and accordingly turn the child’s face in the other direction. Our stroller had such a function and I actually had to use it more than once. But I want to warn you that after throwing the stroller over, it was much more difficult to control, it was especially difficult to take turns or move over small obstacles.

  1. Seasonality. When buying a stroller, it is important to consider what time of year you need it for.

Of course, an all-season stroller can solve this problem, but this type is more expensive than its analogues. But it is provided with protection from moisture and wind, insulation on the legs, high sides, a high-quality air circulation system inside the stroller, and sometimes a mosquito net.

In order to choose a stroller for winter, pay attention to the presence of insulation, as well as suspension. Make sure you have a large enough space, because in cold weather you will have to wrap your baby in a blanket or envelope, and they will take up much more space than the baby himself.

When choosing a stroller for the summer, it is important to pay attention to the presence of a sufficiently large hood. Also a big plus will be the presence of a mosquito net and an umbrella that prevents excess sun from reaching the child.

How to choose a stroller for spring and autumn? At this time of year, it is important that the stroller is warm enough, but not as warm as in winter. The coldest months will be the beginning of spring and the end of autumn. But if you buy a stroller, for example, for the end of spring, then you can buy a model that is close to the summer version. It is also necessary to take care of having an umbrella, especially in the fall, because rainy weather is not uncommon during this period.

Additional accessories. Also, when choosing a stroller, you can pay attention to the presence of a hanging bag, where the mother can put spare diapers, clothes for the baby, a bottle with a mixture or drink, rattles, wet wipes; raincoat; mosquito nets; Muffs are a very convenient tool for the cold season; they will warm mother’s hands better than any gloves.

Why do you need a winter stroller for a newborn?

Fresh air and constant walks outside are one of the components of a baby’s good health.
Regardless of the weather conditions, you need to go outside in any season of the year, despite the low temperature or snow. It is at such moments that parents begin to think: is a winter stroller necessary for a newborn? If parents did not initially buy a station wagon stroller, then they should take care of purchasing a winter version that will easily cope with its functions in snow, ice and low temperature conditions. A winter stroller should make mother and baby feel as comfortable, comfortable and safe as possible, regardless of the weather conditions.

Having a winter stroller has its pros and cons. First of all, this is another bulky tool that will take up a lot of space. Also, the winter option will always cost parents a decent penny, and they may not have to use such a product for such a long time. If negative factors do not bother parents, you can safely go shopping for such a stroller.

Minor nuances when choosing a stroller

A shopping basket is a necessary accessory for mothers, allowing them to avoid carrying ten bags in their hands. But winter strollers with baskets are too bulky; the basket makes navigation difficult, which is especially noticeable on snowy days. But if it is removable, no problems arise. Take care not only of your baby’s comfort, but also of yours.

The handle for movement should be as comfortable as possible, check this right in the store. And at the same time – for strength, height adjustment and the ability to move to the side.

Price . Not all that glitters is gold and not everything expensive is a guarantee of good quality. You can pay for a brand and ignore a comfortable, eco-friendly, cute stroller from a less famous manufacturer. Put comfort first, cost second.

What types of winter strollers are there?

  1. Classic or carrycot strollers . This option is well suited for newborns even in the harshest and snowiest winters. She easily and smoothly overcomes any obstacles. The presence of a high basket allows you not to worry about gusts of cold wind or precipitation. However, bassinets are usually bulky and heavy. They are difficult to lift on your own or without an elevator.
  2. Universal (combined) strollers. One of the most popular and favorite types of children's transport by parents. Such a stroller can easily be changed from open to closed, only by fixing the cradle with special fasteners. Also, its top can easily be used as a child car seat. A high-quality station wagon can easily become a winter stroller for walking.
  3. Transformable strollers. This is a hybrid of a carrycot and a stroller that easily transforms into the desired option in a few minutes. Transformers are light in weight and very convenient to store or carry. Their wheels are usually poorly suited for winter roads, and the presence of a low base will not protect the baby 100% from the cold.
  4. Cane strollers. A good and compact stroller option for summer. They fold easily and are suitable for transporting children from 1 year old. They have a soft back made of light but durable fabric, which does not secure or protect the child from back injuries.
  5. Strollers . Compact and functional option designed for long walks. A stroller can also be designed for winter, made from warmer and covered materials. It is not recommended for use on infants. The ideal age of children for transportation is 1-4 years.

Which stroller is best for newborns - reviews and additional requirements

The following characteristics are not so important in winter, but they will significantly increase the comfort of the baby and the practicality of the model for parents. Reviews from moms and dads helped formulate this list of additional options:

  1. Stroller weight. Most often, insulated winter models of children's transport weigh a lot, which is not always convenient, especially for mothers living in apartment buildings without elevators. The solution would be to purchase a model in which the cradle and chassis can be freely separated from each other. Then the chassis can be fastened somewhere below in the entrance, and the cradle can be brought with you. Also, in many models, the stroller base is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and lightweight at the same time.
  2. Pen. It should be adjustable; in winter it is difficult to maintain balance on icy conditions, especially if the stroller handle is at an awkward height. In addition, reviews from parents positively characterize the handles with the ability to flip. Thanks to them, you can easily turn your baby in the direction opposite to the snow and rain. A nice addition would be a cozy fur hand muff, which can be included in the kit.
  3. Shopping cart. On the one hand, it should be roomy, and on the other hand, compact in size and, if possible, removable. After all, sometimes ice jams can be such that the shopping basket will cling to the crust and get in the way. In addition, in bad weather you want to go out as little as possible and shopping on the way home from the clinic will be very useful.

Now that we have sorted out the requirements for the models, what are the main options that manufacturers can offer?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a winter stroller for a newborn?

  • Type of stroller. First of all, choose a stroller that will serve you for as long and efficiently as possible. If you want one stroller for all seasons, go for the classic or combined options. Otherwise, look for the perfect winter option from the range provided.
  • Weight and size. Consider the weight and dimensions of the product. If you have a small-sized elevator or no elevator at all, purchase lighter options that you can raise/lower yourself. Large strollers can easily overcome any sidewalks, off-road conditions and steps, but they are difficult and expensive to store in small apartments.
  • Workmanship. Choose only proven and reliable strollers that have proven themselves well. They must have durable and breathable materials that will maximize the comfort and safety of the child.
  • Material. The stroller must have a strong but lightweight frame, high-quality shock absorbers, fillers and impact-resistant plastic.

Important! It is better to choose a stroller that has water-repellent and easy-to-clean materials, or removable covers.

  • Cradle. The cradle for a newborn should be moderately loose, warm and with a high basket. This will protect the baby from hypothermia and allow parents to place the child even in the most bulky overalls or envelope.
  • Thermal insulation. The stroller should have a warm cover for the feet, as well as special awnings or raincoats against sudden precipitation or gusts of wind.
  • 7 . Design. The modern design of baby strollers is simply huge. It all depends on the taste preferences of the parents, as well as the gender of the child.
  • Patency. A winter stroller must have good brakes and equally comfortable wheels. This will allow you to easily overcome snow and ice, maximally protecting the child and parents from unexpected incidents.
  • Convenience of the child. The main convenience for a child is the space, comfort and warmth inside the cradle.
  • Convenience for parents. For the convenience of parents, the stroller should have a large number of connectors, pockets and bags, including removable ones. It wouldn't hurt to have a basket under the stroller to transport essential basic items or groceries from the store. Transport should also easily fit into an elevator, corridor or room, without creating unnecessary problems and inconveniences.

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Choosing a stroller for winter

Such a stroller should have a hood to protect the sitting baby from wind, rain and snow, and a cover for the legs. The hood should have protection on the sides. A stroller for winter should have a wide, comfortable seat and wheels that provide good maneuverability. In such a stroller, the baby will sit comfortably dressed in warm overalls. But, unfortunately, strollers of this type are often quite heavy, due to the same wheels, hood, wide seat, and folding mechanism. Alas, there are no lightweight winter models.

Which wheels are better?

Wheels on a stroller are no less important than handles or bags. When looking at a stroller in a store, many do not pay attention to this important detail, since the floor in the sales pavilions is smooth, dry and clean. Now imagine these same wheels on off-road, asphalt or in the presence of precipitation?

At the moment, wheels come in plastic and rubber . The latter can be inflatable or cast. It’s better to forget about plastic right away. Bad roads can instantly disable them, causing you a lot of inconvenience. The plastic is also quite loud when walking. Inflatable rubber wheels are considered the most reliable and comfortable, but you are not protected from the possibility of puncturing the wheel and damaging the stroller.

European manufacturers have long switched to cast rubber products, which are almost impossible to damage or puncture. Their only drawback is that in severe frosts they can freeze very much and rattle while driving.

A stroller with three wheels is more maneuverable, but many people prefer proven four-wheeled models. For winter strollers, you should choose large-diameter wheels that can easily overcome snowdrifts or other precipitation.

Which stroller to choose

When choosing, you need to pay attention to:

  1. The presence of an adjustable footrest for the baby.
  2. The presence of a hard back.
  3. Possibility of changing positions: sitting, reclining and lying down.
  4. The presence of a hood of sufficient size and insulation for the legs.
  5. The presence of securing straps is important.
  6. Window at the back of the hood. This way, the mother can calmly watch the baby.

Choosing a stroller is a crucial moment for parents, because for a long time it will be a means of transport for the child. When purchasing a stroller, think carefully about what exactly you expect from it, imagine how you will go up and down with it, overcome small obstacles and holes, how it will help you in everyday life, even down to your preferred colors. Don't buy a vehicle for your newborn based on your friend's advice, because what works for her may not work for you. I wish you a successful purchase!

Safety regulations

  1. Leaving a child in a stroller unattended is strictly prohibited.
  2. Always secure your baby with a seat belt. Check their serviceability in a timely manner.
  3. Never hang heavy or weighty items on the stroller handle. This may cause the vehicle to tip over.
  4. If possible, avoid very warm clothes, as well as pillows and blankets. They can cause suffocation.
  5. When changing the stroller modes (its transformation), keep the child aside for his safety.
  6. Before placing your baby in the stroller, make sure it is in good working order and properly secured.
  7. Monitor the temperature inside the cradle.
  8. Carefully apply the parking brake of the stroller.
  9. The stroller must not be transported on steps, in an elevator or on a ramp while a child is in it.

Top 5 best strollers for winter

Next, we will present a list of the best strollers.

1. Classic stroller Bestoo Barcelona Premium 2 in 1

The model for cold winters was included in the rating of the best baby strollers according to the following parameters:

  • The hood is made of windproof material with a detachable lining and a removable insulated hood.
  • Muff mittens are included for mom.
  • The package includes: mosquito net, shopping bag, foot cover, raincoat, seat block and baby envelope.
  • Special skis are included that are attached to the wheels and make it easier to travel in snowy areas.
  • Spacious shopping basket.

2. Stroller 2 in 1 Mr Sandman Voyage Premium

A practical model designed for all weather conditions. The stroller is designed for children up to one year old and has a number of advantages:

  • The cradle is spacious with a cotton cover inside and equipped with a coconut fiber mattress
  • The base is ventilated and adjustable for backrest height.
  • The hood has a special insert that provides protection from the sun.
  • The model is richly equipped: a changing mattress, a mosquito net, a cup holder, a shopping bag to match the stroller, a raincoat and tire covers.
  • Fabric components can be removed for washing if necessary.
  • Powerful wheels and adjustable shock absorption

3. Esspero Classik Alu baby stroller

An original model that is suitable for snowy roads. The baby will feel comfortable and warm in it.

  • The cradle is equipped with a lifting headrest and a ventilated bottom.
  • The inner lining is removable and made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • The hood of the cradle has a special window with a built-in mosquito net.
  • The model is equipped with a stylish bag, a mattress for a newborn, a silicone raincoat, and a foot cover.
  • The handle has seven installation positions.
  • Inflatable wheels with a diameter of 36 centimeters, which makes it possible to drive through loose snow without problems. The rear tires have shock absorbers.

4. 3 in 1 stroller Esspero Lux Alu

Children's transport in a 3-in-1 design is a profitable purchase for parents, as it has versatility and a number of features.

  • The modular system allows you to convert one stroller into two.
  • The wheels are made of rubber material and are inflated by a pump, which allows mothers to drive through snowdrifts.
  • The chassis folds like a book into a compact size, and the vehicle takes up little space.
  • The cradle is equipped with an air supply system and is made of waterproof material. It can be used as a crib for a child due to its retractable legs.
  • The walking block is adjustable for backrest height, has a five-point harness, a removable handrail and a hood.
  • The package includes: a branded bag, a foot cover, a mattress for the baby, and a basket closed with a zipper.
  • The car seat is equipped with three-point seat belts with soft shoulder pads.

5. 2 in 1 stroller Reindeer Style

This type of transport is specially designed by specialists for harsh winter conditions. The baby in the stroller will not wake up when the mother overcomes snowy areas.

  • Inflatable wheels with a diameter of 30 centimeters, the width of the frame with tires is 59 cm, which allows you to place the stroller in a narrow elevator.
  • The cradle is made of eco-leather, hypoallergenic and frost-resistant, the interior is lined with natural fabric.
  • The cradle is deep, allowing you to wrap your baby warmer.
  • The lifting headrest is fixed in 4 positions.
  • The bottom is made of oak.
  • The set includes: a foot cover, a natural envelope for the child, a mattress, an elegant bag for mom, and a cup holder.

Main manufacturers and models of winter strollers for newborns

Most often, high-quality winter strollers are made by European manufacturers. The most popular and reliable ones are displayed in our rating

Transformable stroller Inglesina.

The transport of the Italian manufacturer has a huge number of universal and functional qualities: backrest adjustment, natural materials and upholstery, practical removable covers, insulated walls and a foot cover, high-quality seat belts and wheels, an adjustable handle.

The price of such a stroller will not be affordable for everyone, but it is a truly practical and reliable thing that will last for many years.

Transformable stroller Emmaljunga

The Swedish transformer has excellent maneuverability and maneuverability in harsh weather conditions. The product has long been recognized throughout the world and is very popular. Main advantages: adjustable footrest, rocking function of the cradle on the floor, additional protection for the child’s shoulders and head, locking and a separate brake pedal.

Disadvantage: extra weight and bulkiness. This stroller will not fit in all elevators.

Stroller City Lanser

The country of origin, Poland, provided the world with this model, which has become one of the most favorite and budget options for many parents. It has all the necessary security elements and high functionality. In such a stroller you can easily travel long distances in the most demanding weather conditions.

Disadvantage: it is difficult to operate with one hand and requires concentrated driving by parents.

Strollers for twins

There are several types of strollers for twins, the main difference being their design features. Thus, the modules can be located next to each other, protrude one above the other, or be placed like a train. When choosing such models, you should take into account such characteristics as stability, cross-country ability and dimensions, being prepared for the fact that the latter parameter will be more than impressive.

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Esspero Duetto 2 in 1

An excellent stroller made in Norway at a very affordable price, the blocks of which were located one after another with the ability to turn in both directions. Ideal for those who prioritize compactness, as its wheelbase will remain the same regardless of the number of blocks used.

Bebetto 42 (2 in 1)

A bi-level stroller is also more portable than side-by-side block designs. The model will cost the same as two ordinary cradles, but its design, ergonomics and rich equipment will fully justify the high costs.

Bugaboo donkey2 twin complete

Despite the fact that the blocks of this stroller are located on the side, their small size, combined with a compact wheelbase, makes the overall design not at all bulky. However, you will have to pay well for such convenience, since the average cost of the model turned out to be prohibitive.

Of course, you can find cheaper strollers for twins. And even if they turn out to be less compact, their quality, design and ease of use will not allow you to regret your purchase.

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