How to give Babycalm to a newborn from the refrigerator

Moms, who was on IV, tell me. We were prescribed Baby Calm for colic, but they didn’t explain how to give it (( Anyone experienced, please enlighten me, is it possible to add Baby Calm to the mixture? I want to try this, because firstly, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator and in its pure form the medicine turns out cold, and secondly, because of the specific smell, I think my son won’t appreciate it ((

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I wouldn’t mix it) It happens with children - the taste of the mixture changes a little and everything goes wrong, and how to feed it then? In general, you can also give your child dill water to drink - a proven remedy for decades.

The instructions for use say it is possible, so it is possible. But perhaps the taste of the mixture may deteriorate, since the medicine still has some taste. And as a result, the child may not finish this mixture and, as a result, there will be no effect. It’s better if you give Baby Calm yourself

You can also add it to the mixture. But it is better to give it in its natural form. My child was also prescribed it. But I didn't add it to the mixture. And she opened her mouth slightly and, using a pipette, poured in the required dose. Then she gave me some water. And then there’s the mixture. If it's cold, warm it up to room temperature. Nothing bad will happen if it sits out of the refrigerator for two hours.

Why add it to the mixture? There is also a pipette there, which is very convenient to give to the baby just like that, on his own. The only thing: several friends of mine gave their babies this drug for colic, at first it helped, and then the colic returned again. You check, maybe the formula is not suitable for the baby and it is better to change it, but colic has a reason... don’t rush to give dietary supplements right away.

You can, of course, add it to the mixture. If the baby eats well and drinks the entire mixture, then this is a good option to give medicine. My child either drank the formula or not. If you also have such a whim, then it is better to give it separately. The taste of the drug is more or less pleasant, try it. To make it easier to give, put it in a special measuring syringe (I have some left over from other medications), place the child in your arms and lift the upper body. The medicine must be given by the cheek, so they don’t spit it out. If he spits, pinch his nose and he will swallow. It’s better to do this execution with dad.

Hello Nadezhda. Of course you can add Baby Calm to the mixture. In principle, this is even written in the instructions. Read it carefully and see for yourself. It’s all described in detail, what and how and in what proportions should and can be added.

About the drug

Babycalm anti-colic remedy is prepared in the form of a solution. This viscous liquid is a combination of concentrates of vegetable oils of anise, mint and dill (fennel). This versatile composition determines the pharmacological significance of the drug:

  • Mint has a calming effect.
  • Anise stimulates intestinal function.
  • Dill has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain and spasms. The carminative effect is also due to the properties of this component.

The interaction of these vegetable oils allows you to quickly cope with flatulence, and the natural composition allows you to use Bebicalm for newborns.

Release form and composition of BabyCalm

The dietary supplement BabyCalm is not a drug and consists of natural ingredients:

  • active ingredients: concentrated oils of mint, anise and fennel;
  • excipients: glycerin.

This product is produced in the form of a mixture of concentrated oils with glycerin in a volume of 15 ml in a dark glass bottle of 50 ml.

Perhaps someone will ask: why do we need glycerin? The answer is simple: this component allows the oils to dissolve in water when you add it before use. This substance is not dangerous, non-toxic and does not harm the body.

How to use babycalm for newborns

Another indicator in favor of the naturalness of BabyCalm is the short shelf life after adding water, namely 1 month. This indicates that the composition does not contain any preservatives.

Indications for use

The use of the medication is prescribed for bloating in the abdomen, pain, and severe gas formation.

Despite the naturalness and safety of the medicine, it is important to remember that diarrhea and constipation are not among the symptoms that Baby Calm relieves. Loose stools can be a sign of dangerous infections, so it is important for parents to consult a pediatrician and not self-medicate. The neonatal period requires professional prescription of pharmacological agents. Also, you should not allow the use of medicine for the purpose of prevention.


  • Recently, children are very often allergic not to artificial components or substances, but more to natural ones. Many doctors do not even recommend that the baby come into contact with various herbs, because... they are considered a source of allergens.
  • Despite the fact that BabyCalm is a natural drug, it can cause allergies quite easily.
  • If your child is allergic to any of the components included in BabyCalm, the drug is contraindicated for use.

If you tried to give your baby this remedy and saw various manifestations in the form of:

  • itching and rashes on the skin;
  • child's irritability;
  • excessive sleepiness;
  • changes in bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea);
  • the appearance of swelling (which is very dangerous).

You should not continue using this supplement.

Adverse reactions

If the dosage regimen is not followed, taken frequently and for a long time, or if an undiluted product is used, the likelihood of an allergy or overdose increases. Allergens contained in plant components can cause rash and itching.

It is advisable to conduct tests for a possible allergic reaction in the newborn. For this purpose, 1–2 drops of the diluted substance should be given to the baby in the morning. For some time (usually 4–5 hours), the mother observes the condition of the child’s skin and notes changes in behavior. Skin rashes or excessive agitation indicate the appearance of negative allergic symptoms.

Babycalm for newborns

BabyCalm for newborns is used to reduce intestinal bloating. The drug relieves attacks of colic. The product can be used from 2 weeks of life.

Table of contents
  • BabyCalm - instructions, ingredients, pharmacological action
  • Who is the drug indicated for?
  • Restrictions on the use of the product
  • BabyCalm - application
  • Allergy test
  • When does the effect appear?
  • How to store
  • Undesirable manifestations
  • BabyCalm reviews
  • Drug analogues

BabyCalm - instructions, ingredients, pharmacological action

BabyCalm is a dietary supplement; it is used to relieve flatulence in the intestines.

The medicine is created on the basis of medicinal herbs, therefore it is approved for use during the neonatal period.

The drug is a combination drug that contains 3 herbal components and is highly effective in the fight against colic.

Ingredients of the drug:

Mint – calms the nervous system, relieves inflammatory reactions.

Fennel – relieves spasms of the intestinal walls, has a carminative effect, fights bacteria, reduces inflammation.

Anise – has a slight antiseptic effect, helps the reproduction of beneficial intestinal microflora, prevents increased gas formation

When using the product, the child’s intestinal spasms are relieved, pain and flatulence are reduced.

The medication prevents the development of dysbacteriosis.

The drug is available in the form of an oil solution, packaged in bottles of 15, 50 ml.

The bottles are made of dark glass.

A special pipette is attached to the pharmacological form to facilitate dosing of the solution.

Bottles with pipettes are packed in cardboard boxes.

Who is the drug indicated for?

The drug is indicated for colic, accompanied by severe pain, intestinal spasms, and flatulence.

The medication is used for intestinal pathologies manifested by bloating and abdominal pain.

The product is suitable for patients up to 12 months of age.

Restrictions on the use of the product

They try not to prescribe the medication to patients during the first 7 days of life.

Since the drug is made from herbs, there is a possibility of allergic reactions to the components of the product.

In children, a rash, redness of the skin and other manifestations are possible.

For this reason, the medicine is not used in children with intolerance to mint, fennel, and anise.

During the newborn period, the likelihood of an allergic reaction is higher, since the immune system has not yet been formed.

If an allergic reaction occurs, the medicine is replaced with simethicone.

Simethicone is not absorbed through the intestinal wall and quickly eliminates increased gas formation and spasms.

Medicines based on simethicone are indicated for patients with diathesis and food allergies.

BabyCalm - application

The medication is used if the baby has bloating, abdominal pain, or intestinal spasms.

The bottle contains a concentrate, which must be diluted with boiled water to the mark, shake vigorously until a homogeneous liquid is obtained.

For colic symptoms, it is recommended to take the medicine diluted with water, 10 drops before each meal.

Useful tips for mothers: BABY HEALTH

The number of appointments is 3-5-7 depending on the symptoms.

The course of therapy is 2-3 weeks.

Before using the solution, you need to shake it so that the particles are distributed evenly throughout the liquid.

The solution is dripped directly into the baby's mouth. If a child does not drink the product in its pure form well, it can be diluted with water, milk or formula.

When diluted, it should be given in a bottle or beaker.

If the solution is given in a beaker, then the baby is placed on his back, the head end is lifted with the left hand, holding the head in this position.

The beaker is brought to the lower lip, tilted slightly until the solution touches the lip.

After this, the baby should drink the liquid himself.

It is not advisable to inject it by force, as the baby may choke.

Allergy test

To prevent severe manifestations of an allergic reaction, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test.

When the baby first takes it, they drop not 10 drops into the mouth, but 3 drops.

The test is carried out in the morning so that it is possible to observe the baby.

After taking the drug, you should monitor the baby's reaction.

If no rash or other manifestations of allergies occur throughout the day, you can begin course therapy.

If an allergic reaction occurs, you should stop taking the drug and see a pediatrician.

The doctor will conduct an examination and prescribe an antihistamine or other medicine for bloating.

When does the effect appear?

The effect of treatment is noticeable after 1-2 doses of the drug. The child's attacks of pain are relieved, and intestinal bloating is reduced.

The stomach becomes soft. In children with a tendency to constipation, stool improves after 3-4 days.

In some patients, the effect occurs only after 1-2 days of regular use.

How to store

The medication must be stored in a closed bottle. After opening and dilution, it is recommended to keep the medicine in a cool and dark place so that it does not spoil.

An open jar can only be used for 30 days.

After 30 days, the remaining solution is thrown away and a fresh preparation is purchased.

Undesirable manifestations

In case of an overdose of the medicine, an allergic reaction is possible, although cases of using the medicine in large quantities have not been recorded.

It is possible to get used to the product. In this case, the baby’s dose is gradually reduced, after which the drug is discontinued.

BabyCalm reviews

Mothers really like the medicine because of the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect. The product gently relieves the symptoms of colic.

The disadvantage of the drug, according to mothers, is the short shelf life of the diluted solution.

This is inconvenient, since the solution often remains and you have to throw it away.

The cost of the drug is acceptable, 279-349 rubles.

Another disadvantage of the drug is the possibility of an allergic reaction to the components of the drug in newborns.

During this period, infants have weak immunity. If allergies occur, mothers use simethicone-based medications.

Drug analogues

If BabyCalm is not suitable for your baby, you can use other anti-colic remedies. Types of analogues, price:

Dill water – from 178 rubles;

Plantex – based on fennel, from RUB 309;

Infacol - contains simethicone, from 1500 rubles;

Espumisan baby - active ingredient simethicone, from 370 rubles;

Sub Simplex – contains simethicone, from 389 RUR.

The most effective drugs are drugs based on simethicone: Infacol, Sab Simplex, Espumisan Baby.

The active component of these drugs is not absorbed through the intestinal wall and does not cause undesirable effects.

The drugs quickly relieve bloating and pain and are allowed from birth.

Plantex is not a bad medicine. It is actively prescribed by pediatricians in areas with severe symptoms of colic.

But it is possible to be allergic to this drug. Plantex is not recommended for galactosemia and lactase deficiency.

This must be taken into account to avoid complications.

Dill water helps with mild signs of colic.

If your baby has prolonged attacks of abdominal pain (more than 3 hours) or severe bloating, it is better to use simethicone or Plantex.

You cannot give your baby several medications at once. This will lead to allergies or other manifestations that will aggravate the baby’s condition.

BabyCalm effectively eliminates abdominal pain, increased gas formation, and intestinal spasms.

The medicine should not be given independently, as it can provoke an allergic reaction during the neonatal period.

The medication is prescribed only by a pediatrician after examination, history taking and examination.

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