Honey cake for cough - proven recipes for children

Cough is one of the typical symptoms that accompanies many ENT diseases in children. To effectively and as quickly as possible cure a child from a cough reflex, parents need to use both general and symptomatic treatment methods.

In today’s material, we’ll talk about ways to eliminate an unpleasant symptom by looking at the rules for preparing and using cough lozenges. Interesting? Then be sure to read the material below to the end.

How does a dry cough lozenge work?

The flatbread is an excellent alternative to other compresses against cough syndrome. It has a mild warming property, prevents the development of inflammatory processes, and improves the discharge of sputum from the bronchi. The product is very popular in folk medicine and shows good results. It is used during dry cough with:

  • ARVI;
  • acute respiratory infections;
  • sore throat;
  • bronchitis.

To eliminate possible complications, it is important to study the properties and rules for using the cake.

The first results appear after the first application of the compress.

Types of cough lozenges

In folk medicine there are many recipes for preparing medicinal compresses. We have prepared a list of the most effective ones.


A cake made from natural honey is suitable for both children and adults. The beneficial properties of medicinal honey cake promote better coughing, relieve pain, and have a warming effect.

Can be used with a slight increase in body temperature. To make a flatbread, you need to take 200 g of cottage cheese (with a high percentage of fat), 50 g of wheat or rye flour, 100 g of natural honey.

Mix all ingredients until smooth, apply to the chest and back of a small child or adult in accordance with the rules of use described below. Please note that the ingredients must be warm; cold mass cannot be used. The minimum holding time is 2-3 hours, but no more than 6-7 hours.


Boil 3-4 large potato tubers, cool so that your hand can handle them. Then grind using a grater or mortar. Add liquid honey, butter (one dessert spoon each), 1 teaspoon of mustard powder. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until smooth.

Then apply the compress to the lungs or back in accordance with the instructions for use, leave for 1-2 hours. The maximum exposure of the remedy is 6-8 hours. Potato cake for cough is suitable for adults and children. Do not use at elevated body temperatures.

The skin of potatoes is not removed, since it contains the bulk of the nutrients.

Flatbread with salt

The method of preparing it is simple - salt and natural honey are mixed in equal quantities. The optimal proportions for children are one tablespoon of each ingredient. Adults - 2 tablespoons of each component. It is better to use thick honey so that it does not spread throughout the body.

Mix the ingredients until smooth and apply in accordance with the instructions for using the product. The cake is left overnight. The exposure time for children depends on the age and sensitivity of the skin.

Children under three years old should not apply the cake for more than 2-3 hours.

With mustard

A cake for dry cough with mustard helps improve sputum discharge and alleviates the condition of the disease. For production you will need - 2-3 tsp mustard powder (depending on the skin sensitivity threshold), 2 tbsp. l wheat flour, 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l natural, thick honey.

The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied according to the rules for using cakes. If the compress is made for children, then the maximum portion of mustard is 1 teaspoon without a slide.

Mustard cake for dry cough is aged for 2 hours for adults; for children, the time is reduced to one hour. If a strong burning sensation occurs before the specified time, the compress must be removed prematurely.

Rye flatbread

Combine rye flour, natural honey, vegetable oil, and mustard powder in equal quantities. The optimal amount of each component is 1 heaped tablespoon. Mix the products and place the mixture in the oven for 3-5 minutes.

After the specified time has passed, take out the dough and roll it out. Then make a medicinal compress, following the rules for using cakes. Exposure time 6-8 hours. The recommended course of therapy is five days.

To treat cough in adults, compresses can be applied without covering the body with gauze. Children under three years old only through fabric. At an older age, it is possible without gauze, but everything is purely individual, depending on the sensitivity threshold of the child’s skin. It is recommended to start using the compress with a slight cough to avoid the development of complications.

Causes and signs of children's cough

Cough is one of the symptoms of respiratory tract disease

Strengthening the cough reflex is a natural reaction of the bronchi to damage by some infection or injury. With the development of a pathological condition of the respiratory system in children, it is the bronchi, along with the nasopharynx, that “catch” the first blow. As a result, these ENT organs become swollen, inflamed and produce excessive mucus, as a result of which the child begins to be capricious, feel unwell and characteristically “thump”.

It is not difficult to distinguish one-time manifestations of cough from a pathological cough reflex. As a rule, ENT pathologies in children occur with the following symptoms:

  • direct cough of dry or wet formation
  • redness of the nasopharynx and pain, soreness in its area
  • difficulty breathing
  • increase in body temperature
  • runny nose

Having noticed at least a few of the signs presented above, the parent of any child should begin to take appropriate measures. If the nature of the illness does not cause significant discomfort in the baby, you can not rush to see a doctor and try to cure it yourself.

As the basis of therapy, drugs of general and necessarily mild action, as well as immunostimulating agents, should be used. Folk remedies, for example, the cakes we are considering today, will help to overcome the unpleasant symptoms of pathology.

How to make a compress for children?

The dough should be stiff enough, but elastic enough to give it the desired shape. Before using a cough lozenge for a small child, you need to cover the heating area with a two-layer gauze cloth or cotton napkin.

The product is used for the back and chest. The child should be in a lying position. The top of the cake is covered with a warm cloth, then the patient is wrapped in a blanket. As a rule, the compress does not cause much discomfort, as it has a mild effect.

The medicine is applied throughout the night, with the exception of those products that contain mustard powder. During the procedure, there may be profuse sweating, so every 2-3 hours it is necessary to change the gauze, as well as the child’s clothes. At the end of the session, the remaining product is removed with a damp cloth.

Warming compresses are prohibited for babies under one year of age. After one year, compresses are applied to the chest and back area. The main thing is not to forget that the heart area cannot be touched in either adults or children.

Honey cake for a child’s cough: recipe. How to do it? Reviews

The beneficial properties of honey are literally legendary; it is used to treat a huge number of different diseases, and one of the many ways to use it is a honey cake for coughs for children.

It is a natural and much more gentle option than, for example, the well-known mustard plasters and jars, which has won it the great love of many parents.

This product is a kind of compress that produces a warming effect. It is used in the acute period of various acute respiratory infections to eliminate dry cough or difficult to separate sputum.

Cough cake for children with honey: what cures?

The benefits of honey for the human body have long been beyond doubt. It has a lot of medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory and warming.

Thanks to this, it is perfect not only for internal, but also for external use for coughs of various types and etiologies.

A cake made from honey and flour helps to activate blood circulation and metabolic processes, thereby accelerating the synthesis of sputum and facilitating its removal.


It is an excellent addition to traditional drug therapy and can significantly speed up the onset of recovery.

Honey cake for cough is equally popular among both children and adults.

But due to the labor-intensive process of its preparation and the duration of treatment, for some reason they rarely resort to this method of getting rid of a cold.

The product gives maximum effect immediately after its use, at the first signs of malaise. In this case, you can count on a quick recovery.

Cough lozenge for adults

The main purpose of a lozenge for dry coughs for adults is to warm the bronchi, ease breathing, speed up the discharge of sputum, and relieve inflammation. If you use lozenges for colds and coughs correctly, you can achieve the desired effects in a short time.

In terms of properties, the cake is identical to mustard plasters, but it has a more gentle effect that does not cause discomfort. Apply to the chest or back area, without affecting the heart area. In order not to harm the body, you should follow some expert advice:

  1. The product is prepared immediately before use, this helps preserve the beneficial substances as much as possible.
  2. To prevent the compress from sticking to the body, the skin is lubricated with nourishing cream or oil.
  3. The result will be more effective if you apply two compresses at the same time - one on the back area, the second on the chest.
  4. It is important to remember that when applying the product to the chest, you need to avoid the heart area.
  5. The top of the compress is covered with a plastic bag or cling film, and then covered with a warm cloth.
  6. The duration of sessions is from 2 to 8 hours.
  7. At the end of the procedure, the remaining product is removed with a cloth soaked in warm water.

It is impossible to apply compresses with mustard all night; this can lead to burns and other unnecessary consequences, as well as worsen the course of the disease.

Honey cake: mechanism of action and proper use

Mechanism of action

What are the miraculous properties of honey cake in treating cough?

Honey cake is similar in its effect to the effects of mustard plasters, which dilate blood vessels in the skin and improve blood flow to the site of inflammation. Positive properties of honey cake:

  • Quick help in eliminating inflammatory processes and warming effect;
  • Easy to prepare and use;
  • Safety for the child’s body if the recommendations for use are followed;
  • Combating the symptoms of the disease, as well as strengthening the immune system;

Important information before use

  • Honey can cause individual intolerance to the body. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the child is not allergic to honey, as well as to other components of this compress.
  • If irritation occurs at the application site, the lozenge should not be used.
  • The flatbread is contraindicated for children with: elevated temperature, heart disease, psoriasis, scratches, bruises, lichen, as well as other skin lesions and rashes.

Proper Use of Honey Cake

How to use honey cake to achieve the desired result?

  • The preparatory stage of the skin is required, which consists of moisturizing it with cream. It is necessary to apply a small amount of moisturizing baby cream to eliminate the risk of skin overheating and burns.
  • The honey cake should be applied correctly in the bronchi area, avoiding the heart area. If the place of application of the honey mass is the back, then place it in the lung area.
  • Children are very mobile and practically do not sit still, so the cake needs to be well secured with a bandage or other material to the body.
  • The flatbread has a warming effect, so it is necessary to preserve this warmth by covering the baby with a blanket.
  • The duration of exposure to the honey mass, which has a healing effect, is several hours.
  • After the allotted time has expired, the honey cake is carefully removed from the child’s body. After removing the cake, remove the remaining compress with an aqueous solution and wipe the baby’s skin well.


Before using these methods, please read the contraindications for using medicinal lozenges for coughs:

  • allergies to certain products in compresses;
  • hypersensitive skin;
  • children under 1 year of age;
  • infectious pathologies (including tuberculosis, scarlet fever);
  • skin damage (burns, wounds, abrasions);
  • elevated body temperature in children and adults;
  • severe cardiovascular diseases;
  • asthma;
  • Flatbread with mustard is contraindicated during pregnancy, cancer, varicose veins, and hypertension.

Any remedy can either help or harm the body. To minimize the risk of unwanted consequences, you need to know how to apply compresses correctly and follow the recommendations of specialists. In this case, the chance of getting a positive result, as well as speeding up recovery, is very high.

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