List of the best diapers for newborns in 2021, according to reviews of young mothers

Baby diapers, which company is better to choose?

The rating provides a list of the best baby diapers for babies from the first birthday to 2 years. They meet all requirements, are of high quality and practicality. Each company has been on the children's goods market for more than one year, so there is no need to doubt it.

List of verified brands:

  • Pampers. The company is the most popular in the children's goods market. It produces a high-quality product for children from 1 year old. Each type of diaper is selected depending on the weight of the child.
  • Sun and moon. The brand produces the best baby care products. All of them are characterized by safety and practicality and do not cause allergies.
  • Huggies. The brand has existed since 1978. The first popularity was observed only in the USA, but now the brand is known to everyone. The product is gentle on the baby’s delicate body and does not cause diaper rash.
  • Bella Baby Happy. The Polish brand produces diapers for children weighing 5-9 kg. All orthopedic characteristics of the products comply with the norm. Provides complete care for the baby's skin.
  • Skippy. Diapers are intended for children up to 18 kg. The product is reliable, practical, comfortable. Compact packaging contains 75 pcs.
  • Libero. The company produces certified baby care products. It consists of environmentally friendly materials and does not cause irritation or allergies.
  • Joonies. The brand produces a product taking into account all the wishes and requirements of parents. With these panties, your baby will feel comfortable in any situation. Ecological materials are used in production.
  • Moony. The company produces a high-quality product for babies up to 8 kg. It is resistant to high moisture and does not cause allergies, rashes or irritation. Meets the required quality.
  • Goo.N. The brand produces diapers for babies up to 11 kg. The material is impregnated with a special composition that does not cause irritation. The product is suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Merries. The company produces diapers for boys and girls weighing 9-14 kg. They perfectly absorb moisture, do not dry the skin, and do not trap air inside.
  • Charcoal. The brand produces reusable diapers. They are suitable for children weighing 4-17 kg. The inner layer of the product is made of bamboo carbon fiber, which does not cause allergies.
  • GlorYes. The company produces overnight diapers that absorb large amounts of moisture. When they swell, they do not create discomfort and are made of high-quality materials.
  • Helen Harper. The brand produces panties for swimming or nighttime sleep. It differs from other models in its bright colors and lack of changes in size.

How to choose diapers for babies from 0 to 3 months

The easiest and most affordable way is to purchase diapers individually. As a rule, pharmacies provide the opportunity to purchase not a package, but a certain number of products from each manufacturer for comparison. Everyone knows that there is no comrade according to taste and color. In this sense, the issue of choosing diapers is a purely individual matter, besides, each family has its own budget, and the most popular Pampers and Merris may simply not be affordable for young people.

How to choose your first diapers

Changing table for newborns - how to choose

First of all, you need to pay attention to the packaging. The “New Born” marking indicates that these products are intended specifically for newborns, which means that the manufacturer paid maximum attention to the high quality of materials and sorbent.

Advice. Which diapers are best for newborns is chosen by the baby, not the mother. If the family has found a model that doesn’t put a big strain on the parents’ pockets, and the baby’s skin remains healthy, there is no need to experiment further.

The best models for premature babies

Today, only Pampers Premium Care and Libero Newborn can boast diaper sizes suitable for babies from 1.5 kg. The smallest Velcro panties are suitable for premature babies and low birth weight babies.

Which baby diapers are best to choose?

At first, when choosing diapers, it is enough to focus on the baby’s age, trusting the manufacturers.

For newly born babies, diapers are made from the most delicate materials, leaving a small cutout for the umbilical wound.

For children one month and older, the size of diapers is indicated in kilograms of the child’s weight. And here there is no agreement among manufacturers.

Size charts of brands can differ significantly from each other, so parents have to make adjustments themselves for the characteristics of their child.

For example, for a short, plump butt with a plump butt, it is better to choose a diaper size from the next weight category. Such problems do not arise with thin children.

It is important that the elastic bands of the diaper do not leave marks on the legs and stomach, but at the same time the diaper should fit snugly on the sides.

The following are used as diaper fillers:

  • hypoallergenic cotton;
  • soft cellulose fibers;
  • hydrogel is a super-absorbent synthetic polymer.

All these materials are safe and do not harm the health of the little one. Also, some manufacturers impregnate the inner layer of diapers with natural oils and plant extracts that care for the baby’s sensitive skin or simply mask odors.

Separate lines are produced already divided by gender. In diapers for boys, the layer of adsorbent is thicker in the front, and in diapers for girls - between the legs. But you can just buy the unisex version - this is the most common type of diapers. Recommendations: 6 best Japanese diapers

How to choose

The child's comfort depends on the correct choice of parents.

Therefore, when choosing diapers, you must be guided by the following rules:

  1. Choose a hygiene product according to the child’s weight. The cuffs on the waist and legs should secure the diaper well, but not squeeze the skin. It is necessary to ensure that there are no red streaks left on the skin after using them.
  2. A prerequisite is a notch for the umbilical wound. Contact with air will speed up its healing and prevent the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into it (This is more of a theoretical recommendation. At the time when I gave birth to children, there were no diapers with indentations at all. Therefore, regular diapers will do, you just have to lower them lower so that the wound did not close).
  3. Do not use products with a strong odor. This usually means that fragrances and bleaches were used in production.
  4. A very convenient innovation is the moisture indicator. With its help you will know exactly when it is time to change the diaper.
  5. Choose a product with a gel filler; they absorb a newborn's liquid stool better than a cellulose absorbent. It must be remembered that high-quality filler does not roll off or form a “lump”.
  6. Price matters. Diapers made from natural, high-quality materials cannot be cheap (tested!).
  7. If you have a new product, take a small package. Believe me, each child will have their own brand of diapers, even if you have heard a million praising reviews from your friends. We used Japanese Goons and Moony. And for the rest, even premium brands, children had severe irritation in the groin area. But for the children of my close friend it was just the opposite).
  8. Don't buy diapers individually, it's unhygienic. An open pack contains germs and dust.

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How should a newborn wear a diaper?

  • Change diapers immediately before a walk.
  • Change diapers every three, maximum 4 hours. There is no need to wake up your baby to change the diaper.
  • Air baths! Whenever possible, leave your baby 2-3 hours a day without a diaper to allow the skin to breathe and to avoid diaper rash.
  • Powder. Use special baby powder, and of course, do not overdo it, so as not to clog the top layer of the diaper, which is responsible for absorbing moisture.

Is a certain brand of diapers suitable for your baby? We learn to determine for ourselves.

  1. No leaks; if empty panties leak, change diaper size.
  2. Scuffs and marks from rubber bands. If the skin of the legs is damaged, red marks from the rubber band appear, etc., it is worth changing the diaper.
  3. Rash and diaper rash on the butt. If signs of an allergy suddenly appear, change the diaper immediately.

How many diapers does a newborn need per day?

A newborn baby's diaper needs to be changed frequently.

Experienced parents advise not to buy too many diapers in advance. For the first days, 30-40 pieces will be enough. And then you can ask your husband or relatives to buy as much as you need.

Of course, the number of diapers used depends on how often they are changed. In the case of newborn babies, as a rule, no more than ten diapers are used per day (with a change interval of three to four hours). However, some parents put a diaper on their child only at night or before going for a walk.

Thus, the daily number of diapers for newborns varies quite widely and depends on a number of factors. Before leaving for the maternity hospital, it is recommended to purchase several different diapers individually (from different manufacturers). Subsequently, you can decide which ones suit you best.

Rating of baby diapers

When compiling the rating of the best baby diapers, the opinions of pediatricians, consumer reviews, as well as comparative test indicators were taken into account. All of them showed almost identical results, due to which it was not difficult to draw the right conclusion.

In addition to these indicators, the following characteristics were also taken into account:

  • Softness;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Comfort level;
  • Absorbency;
  • Price;
  • Age restrictions.

Having put all the results together, a conclusion was made about which models deserve to be considered the best. The rating includes only high-quality diapers with good absorbency. They do not cause redness, allergies, or diaper rash.

The best children's swimming trunks

Libero diapers Newborn 1 (2-5 kg) 26 pcs.

Despite the fact that Libero universal diapers belong to the budget category, they are not particularly inferior in quality. The special material does not cause irritation or diaper rash; there is a special cutout for the navel. The mesh layer quickly absorbs moisture and liquid stool from the baby, and high barriers prevent unwanted leaks.


  • Filling indicator;
  • Convenient cost;
  • Comfortable elastic band;
  • There is a cutout for the navel.


  • No reusable Velcro fasteners;
  • Paper material;
  • The material is rough for a newborn;
  • There is some smell.

The condition of your baby directly depends on the quality of the diaper, and therefore at first it is necessary to choose the best and safest one, while maintaining both your comfort and the comfort of the child. Don't be afraid to change diapers until you find the right one, as every baby's skin is different.

Naty diapers 1 (2-5 kg) 25 pcs

Phyto-diapers are made from environmentally friendly materials - it is based on corn starch, filled with bleached cellulose, without chlorine. Thanks to the use of minimal super-absorbent material, the level of moisture retention and absorbency is quite high. The consumable materials of Naty diapers pass all tests for allergic reactions; they do not contain harmful chemical components, so they do not cause allergies and diaper rash even when worn for a long time.


  • Ecological composition;
  • Without smell;
  • Does not cause diaper rash or allergies;
  • Comfort and safety;
  • Excellent absorption;
  • Does not contain plastic;
  • No added chlorine;
  • No irritation;
  • Excellent value for money and quality.


  • Not always available for sale.

Lovular diapers Hot Wind S (0-6 kg) 80 pcs

Ultra-thin, soft inside and outside, the diaper will carefully protect your baby's skin, preventing an allergic reaction. The soft elastic on the back protects against leaks, and the elastic on the sides does not rub the legs, the diaper itself absorbs quickly and a lot, and when it is very full, the product does not crumple and copes with its function adequately.


  • Nice design;
  • Absorbs a large volume;
  • Soft and elastic waistband;
  • Does not leak;
  • Does not cause diaper rash;
  • Rave consumer reviews;
  • Hot steam treatment technology – Hot Wind;
  • Tender;
  • Qualitative;
  • Without smell;
  • Comfort;
  • Safety;
  • Soft embossing;
  • Convenient Velcro;
  • Filling indicator.


  • Not sold everywhere.

GooN diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pcs

Another Japanese manufacturer of premium quality diapers, famous for its excellent reputation, is more suitable for premature and low birth weight babies. Diapers with a soft absorbent layer with the addition of vitamin E even more effectively protect the baby’s vulnerable and delicate skin from allergic reactions, diaper rash and redness. The surface of the inner and outer sides is breathable, which allows the baby's skin to breathe. Side edges and reusable Velcro fasteners prevent the diaper from leaking and slipping while awake and ensure a healthy and restful sleep.


  • Quality and reliability;
  • Reusable Velcro fasteners;
  • Universal;
  • Soft and elastic waistband;
  • Filling indicator;
  • Absorbent layer with added vitamin E;
  • Unscented and fragrance-free;
  • Odor neutralization function;
  • Natural and environmentally friendly.


  • Price.

Merries diapers (0-5 kg) 90 pcs.

Perhaps the most popular Japanese diapers are of high quality. Thanks to modern technology, a three-layer diaper reliably absorbs moisture, always remains dry and does not cause diaper rash or allergies. The first layer is an air-permeable and breathable wavy inner surface, the second layer is air channels in the absorbent layer and the third layer is a breathable outer material, the outer layer of which removes moist air through micropores that do not release stale air and do not allow moisture to pass through.


  • Reusable fasteners;
  • Excellent protection against moisture and loose stools;
  • Does not leak;
  • Air inner layer;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Cute design;
  • Filling indicator;
  • Cellular inner surface;
  • Weightless;
  • Do not stick to the body;
  • Universal;
  • Positive consumer reviews;
  • Tender;
  • Gentle protection of baby's skin;
  • The frills around the legs do not cause pain;
  • Excellent ventilation;
  • Instant absorption.


  • There is no elastic on the back;
  • Price;
  • Partially wet on the outside due to the diaper absorbing moisture from the air.

Pampers diapers Premium Care 1 (2-5 kg) 88

The most delicate, thin and silky soft diapers are made of hypoallergenic and airtight materials that help air circulate. Impregnation with aloe vera balm softens, carefully and fully protects the skin. The diapers are equipped with soft Velcro to protect against leakage and a cutout for the tummy. Premium quality diapers have 3 absorbent channels, which allows you to evenly distribute moisture inside the product, while ensuring reliable dryness and comfort for your baby.


  • Absorbent channels;
  • DryMax absorbent layer;
  • Filling indicator;
  • Breathable, soft material;
  • Stretchable sides;
  • Time-tested brand;
  • Does not leak;
  • Does not cause diaper rash or allergies;
  • Cute design;
  • Reusable fasteners;
  • Positive feedback from parents;
  • Comfort;
  • Ideal price-quality ratio;
  • The mesh holds loose stool.


  • Price;
  • Partially contains fragrance.

Should a child always be in a diaper?

Don't keep your baby in a diaper all the time

Each family has its own attitude to this issue. However, it is important to know that there are a number of situations in which the use of disposable diapers is not advisable. Let's list all these situations:

  • Stomach upset. Too thin stool can cause serious irritation on the baby’s skin. Young parents should know about this. If there are disorders of the baby's digestive system, it is better not to use disposable diapers. In such cases, you should use regular diapers, which should be changed as often as possible.
  • Allergic reactions that may occur as a result of using certain brands of diapers.
  • Increased body temperature. The fact is that the diaper covers quite a large part of the baby’s skin, which disrupts the process of heat transfer. As a result, the baby's body temperature may increase.

The best reusable diapers

Reusable diapers are a good alternative for a young family whose budget cannot cope with endless spending on disposable products. And although the cost of one such diaper is rather large, all subsequent expenses will only come down to the purchase of a pair of replaceable inserts, which can also be washed.

Ergo Nano Silver – from birth to 3 years

Ergo reusable diapers are available in a single size - for children weighing from 3 to 15 kg.

The width and height of the belt here are adjusted by several rows of buttons, and around the legs there are additional sides that protect against leaks.

Nano Silver is made from hypoallergenic materials. Inside there are microfiber liners treated with antistatic and antibacterial impregnation with silver ions. Moreover, in cold weather, you can insert both earbuds from the kit at once.

External material: polyester fiber coated with polyurethane. It does not interfere with air exchange, does not absorb odors and does not release liquid to the outside.


  • Wide choice of colors;
  • Excellent absorption of liners;
  • Breathable materials;
  • Antibacterial impregnation does not lose its properties over time;
  • All parts can be washed in a machine at 60 degrees;
  • Tight and strong buttons do not come undone;
  • Extra pleat on the gusset for chubby babies.


  • If the insert comes off, the diaper may leak.

Nano Silver are the most practical diapers that will faithfully serve your child for all 3 years. Still, newborns should not be immediately put into such waterproof bags, but Ergo can be used as additional protection against leakage.

Blueberry diaper panties - potty training

Blueberry “training” panties will allow you to quickly switch from regular diapers to underwear for toddlers in the weight category of 7-19 kg. Their inner surface consists of several layers of cotton velor and microfiber, and the outer surface is a version of laminated synthetics.

Absorption here does not occur immediately, so a baby who has peed feels wet for some time, which causes discomfort. The liquid soon penetrates into the inner layer, but the child remembers his feelings and quickly weanses the habit of diapers.

The manufacturer's line includes three sizes of training panties: Small (10-13 kg), Medium (11-16 kg) and Large (14-19 kg).


  • Many bright colors to choose from;
  • Wide waistband and cuffs;
  • Washable by hand or machine;
  • Do not lose softness throughout the entire period of use;
  • Significant cost savings compared to disposable diapers.


  • When very wet they leak;
  • They run small.

The process of potty training in Blueberry panties is much faster than in regular underwear, so it makes sense to spend money on purchasing several similar products. But you shouldn’t wear them far from home or walk in cool weather.

Ecoposh Organic One size – adjustable diaper made from natural materials

The width of the Ecoposh Organic can be adjusted using buttons, resulting in 4 different sizes for children weighing from 2.7 to 18 kg.

All products are made almost entirely from organic fabrics or recycled materials. The outer layer is made of cotton and polyester obtained from recycled plastic bottles, the inner layer is the most delicate bamboo velor.

Quick-absorbent inserts are also made of bamboo fiber and are inserted into a special pocket inside the diaper. All parts of the reusable diaper can be washed in a machine at medium temperature.


  • Natural colors in muted tones;
  • The inserts are well stitched and do not deform when washed;
  • Internal sides reliably protect against leaks;
  • They wash well and dry quickly;
  • They fit snugly, do not bunch up or come undone;
  • Absorbs quickly and a lot.


  • High price;
  • Using multiple inserts makes the diaper feel huge.

In Ecoposh Organic your baby will be comfortable even in the hot summer. But to prevent diaper rash, it is better not to leave him in such diapers for a long time.

The best Velcro diapers

Most diapers come with Velcro fasteners. Such products are cheaper than panties, and it is much easier to pull them on a lying baby.

Conscientious manufacturers make Velcro sufficiently tenacious and elastic so that they can easily hold the diaper even after several unfastenings. And with the help of such fasteners it is convenient to adjust the width of the diaper to the waist of thin children.

Moony Air Fit - the softest diapers for the first months of life

Our popular Japanese diapers are made only from safe materials, but they also do not forget about the latest technologies.

Each Air Fit product consists of 3 layers: a cotton inner surface, an absorbent polyolefin material that instantly turns into a gel, and an outer layer in the form of a mesh of fine fibers that allows air to pass through freely.

The size range of Moony diapers is very wide: among them there are models for babies from birth to 14 kg.

In addition, each size is available in several versions, taking into account the consistency of the stool.

The NB (up to 5 kg) and S (4-8 kg) series also have their own differences - these diapers fit especially tightly to the back, quickly absorbing any moisture and preventing leakage when the child is lying down.


  • The embossed inner surface has less contact with the skin;
  • The absorbent even copes with the baby’s viscous stool;
  • Elastic sides and waistband stretch well;
  • The swollen gel does not form lumps;
  • There is an indicator picture on the outside.


  • Expensive and not sold in small packs (minimum 54 pieces);
  • Sizes differ from European ones.

Moony Air Fit – comfortable diapers for babies up to six months. Only when buying you need to take into account that they run a little small.

Dada Extra Soft - an excellent budget option

The Polish company Dada does not spend money on intrusive advertising, which allows it to keep the price of its diapers at the lower limit. But the Poles did not skimp on the quality of materials.

Extra Soft diapers are made of breathable materials with an anatomical inner insert. Its front part is covered with a delicate protective layer, and closer to the butt an antibacterial impregnation with aloe is used.

The manufacturer's line includes diapers in 4 sizes: Midi (4-9 kg), Maxi (7-18 kg), Maxi+ (9-20 kg) and Junior (15-25 kg).


  • Hypoallergenic;
  • With strong Velcro;
  • Have antibacterial properties;
  • Despite the impregnation, there is absolutely no smell;
  • Absorbs liquids well;
  • Reduces the risk of diaper rash.


  • Not every store can find them.

Despite its low cost, the quality of Dada Extra Soft is in no way inferior to more expensive brands. So if they are on sale in your city, take them with confidence - you will save money without compromising your baby’s health.

Mepsi - the best night diapers

Another inexpensive but good option for diapers - this time from a Russian manufacturer. Inside they have a relief insert made of cellulose, under which there is a layer of adsorbent. The latter shows excellent absorption and keeps the baby's bottom dry for up to 12 hours.

The Velcro here is very soft, but firmly fixes the diaper on the little one, and the high sides prevent leakage.

The manufacturer's size range includes five types of diapers for children of different ages and weights: starting from NB - up to 5 kg and ending with XL models (12-20 kg).


  • No odor or impregnation;
  • Do not cause irritation;
  • There is a liquid indicator;
  • Wide stretchy belt;
  • Affordable price.


  • Velcro does not stretch, so you need to select the size more accurately.

High-quality and inexpensive Mepsi are ideal for night sleep and long walks when it is not possible to change the diaper often.

The best diapers for potty training a child


Modern Greenty disposable panties are soft and quickly absorb moisture; they are very comfortable and practical. Ideal during potty training. Breathable material and elastic bands are used. The panties are easy to take off and put on, the baby can learn this on his own. It is also very convenient when using a potty. Taking into account age characteristics, the absorbency of diapers increases; accordingly, there are several types of them.


  • humidity indicator;
  • cleanliness, dryness and protection at the right time;
  • suitable for girls and boys;
  • high-quality, thin and light product;
  • absorbency from 1020 to 1340 ml;
  • You can buy a choice of small or large packaging.


  • Most are oversized;
  • not suitable for sleeping.

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