What is it for and how to choose a mobile for a crib for newborns?

I once got into a conversation with a woman who told me that she was 34 weeks pregnant. She is so superstitious that she has not yet looked after a stroller, a crib, or things for the baby. I’m not saying that I didn’t think about which maternity hospital to give birth in. However, I listened to her position, but did not share it. Being a mother for the first time means that you need to put theoretical experience into practice. Things don't always work out the first time. So I want to calmly set up breastfeeding, and not think, for example, what kind of crib to buy. I saw such mothers in baby stroller stores: “Let’s buy something, I beg you, I have to feed the baby in 30 minutes, I won’t be able to do this in the store.”

However, there is another category of parents - they prepare everything in advance, do not believe in examples, but believe in positivity. They are the ones who look for a crib and stroller already at 25 weeks of pregnancy, order textiles, toys and buy things.

Baby's first toys

While the child is awake, he can play with toys. Depending on the child’s age, toys can be hung above the baby’s crib or given to him. If the baby already knows how to sit, then you can put it on the mat next to him.

For the proper development of the baby, toys play an important role. What should a baby's first toys be ?

Nowadays, stores sell a large variety of toys for children and older children.

But with such a huge variety, it’s not always possible to immediately figure out what would be most suitable for my child at a given time, what should the baby’s first toys be? If it’s a rattle, which one is better to take, so that it helps in the development of the baby and at the same time does not clutter up the home space too much... Don’t get carried away with buying toys, take only what you have planned.

Toys for newborns

In general, toys are not needed in the first month of a child’s life. It is now more important for him to accept and understand the new world, the environment in which he now finds himself. And for him, every minute is filled with new sensations. He now breathes on his own - this is new for him, he is given food - this is also new, he is now being dressed in clothes - for 9 months. This definitely wasn’t the case.

Source: https://novorozhdennyj.ru/pervye-igrushki-malysha/

First Fun: Suitable Toys for Newborn Girls and Boys

The baby spends most of the first months of its life sleeping. He wakes up when he experiences hunger or discomfort from a wet diaper. During this period, you need very few toys. The child will begin to show interest in them a little later. It is useful for parents to know what toys are needed for newborns, what to choose for a boy and what for a girl.

Many new parents do not know what toys a newborn baby needs. It is recommended to approach the selection of these products competently and responsibly.

The vision of children in the first two months of life is poorly developed. There is still no ability to focus the gaze on an object. Children of this age do not yet perceive moving elements, but in about a month, parents will be able to introduce the baby to his set of toys, but the child will not be able to pick up a cube or rattle on his own any time soon.

Toys are not only needed to entertain a child. With their help, the baby improves physically and psycho-emotionally. The first month of the baby should not be disturbed. During this period, he adapts to new living conditions and gains strength. From 1-2 months you can offer him toys.

List of gaming items that are worth purchasing for your baby:

  • rattles;
  • music mobile;
  • developmental mat;
  • soft cubes.

It is important to ensure that the baby does not become overtired. The duration of gaming sessions should not exceed 15 minutes per day.


A rattle is the very first toy that is bought for a one-month-old baby. Classic models are equipped with jingling balls and bells. Today you can buy electronic rattles in children's stores. They are programmed with simple and pleasant melodies.

The diameter of a rattle for a 1-2 month old baby should not exceed 6-8 cm. It is recommended to purchase the product in the form of beads.

It is a garland of multi-colored ringing balls. This rattle is attached to a crib or stroller. It is usually fixed on a plastic arch. When the baby grows up, then it will be possible to move the structure from the bed to the playpen. Many parents prefer rattle beads due to their versatility.

From such an object you can remove individual elements, which the child will later play with like an ordinary rattle. The benefit of such toys is that they help improve vision and hearing. When the child can pick them up and look at them, then motor skills will further develop.

Musical mobile

The musical mobile is a relatively new type of toy for kids. They attach to the crib. There are options that run on batteries.

Musical mobile

They also sell mobile phones that need to be started with a key. Such toys produce a pleasant quiet melody. Some models reproduce the sounds of nature. This allows not only to develop the baby’s hearing, but also to begin to get acquainted with the environment.

The benefit of music mobiles also lies in the fact that they have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the central nervous system. Many children fall asleep to the melody played by such a toy. Mobiles teach the baby to focus his vision: when the baby hears music, he begins to look for the source of the sound with his eyes.

When choosing a toy, pediatricians recommend considering the following:

  • color . He must be calm. A newborn does not need bright elements;
  • melody. It is important that she is quiet and calm. Advantage should be given to models that have the ability to select sounds and adjust their volume;
  • production material . It must be environmentally friendly. It is desirable that the mobile elements are made of materials of different textures;
  • toy elements . They must be different from each other;
  • presence of a night lamp . Some mobile models are equipped with this element. It is important that the night light provides soft, well-diffusing light;
  • presence of defects . To identify them, you need to examine the toy from all sides and test it.

Experts recommend hanging the music mobile above the crib at a distance of 30 cm from the baby.

An educational mat is a useful modern invention. It looks like a rectangular or square canvas with various elements. Helps develop the baby without requiring parents to develop special activities. The mat is useful for vision, fine motor skills, and hearing.

It improves the child's coordination of movements, and also teaches him to perceive and distinguish colors. Touching elements of different textures and shapes helps train the baby's thinking.

An educational mat prepares the baby for a more complete understanding of the world around him. When a child reaches out to a toy, trying to grab it, his physical development occurs. Some models are equipped with teethers. Such elements will be useful to the baby later, when the first bone units of the jaw begin to appear. Special teethers will reduce itching of the gums.

Soft cubes

It is considered the safest toy. Cubes can be made from materials of different textures. But as a rule, cotton is used. Foam rubber is used as a filler. Soft cubes are very pleasant to the touch.

Due to their natural composition they are hypoallergenic. Such toys promote the development of motor skills, tactile perception, and vision. When the product is compressed, its shape does not transform, but then acquires its original appearance.

The following types of soft cubes are available for sale:

  • crumbs;
  • with a rattle (equipped with a bell, making a ringing sound when shaken);
  • for swimming (have a waterproof coating).

You can also find soft musical cubes in children's stores. They run on batteries.

What is better to buy for a baby?

The first toys for newborns from 0 to 3 months differ little by gender. But still, sometimes parents divide them into those that are suitable for boys and those that are intended for girls. For male representatives, mothers and fathers buy children's cars.

When choosing toys for little ones, many people prefer animal figurines and dolls. Manufacturers also distribute their lines into products for boys and girls.

Psychologists say that it is enough for young children to purchase 2-3 toys. If you buy your baby a large set of different gaming items, his attention will wander.

Experts also note that girls and boys can play with the same products. Therefore, it is not necessary to select based on gender.

For boy

An infant boy should buy a rattle, soft cubes, and balls of different sizes. It is also worth purchasing various toys for bathing (for example, cars, animal figures). A bow with hanging elements that can be fixed on a stroller, crib or car seat is useful for the baby. It is also recommended to buy a developmental mat.

For girl

Girls should buy a tumbler doll or baby doll. The baby must have rattles of different sounds and colors, and musical carousels.

To develop your baby physically, improve tactile sensations and get to know the world around you, it’s worth buying a special children’s mat with many useful elements.

It would also be a good idea to purchase a garland with rustling sounds. It will contribute to the development of the girl’s hearing and vision.

Pediatricians do not recommend buying toys for girls and boys whose colors correspond to the gender of the child: children should become familiar with all shades.

DIY children's toys

Factory-made toys are expensive and do not always meet the requirements of parents, so not all families are able or willing to purchase them. In addition, they are in mass production and lack uniqueness. Not all companies make toys from safe and high-quality materials.

Therefore, today it is important for many mothers to create play items for babies with their own hands. There are many ideas, diagrams and drawings of toys for children on the Internet.

You can use ready-made options or come up with something of your own. It’s easy to make a rattle for your baby with your own hands.

But for this, the mother needs to have certain creative abilities. It is necessary to sew or knit or crochet a toy in the form of an animal or a stick with a ball, and then fill it with buttons and beads . Some mothers prefer to use rice and peas for this. Such grains give a duller, but interesting sound.

As your child gets older, you can let him touch fabric and knitted rattles to train his tactile perception. You can also sew soft cubes for the baby. To do this, you need to prepare natural fabric (cotton) and foam rubber.

It is necessary to cut out four identical squares from the material. Sew them together, not forgetting to place the filler inside. It is recommended to make the cube from sides of different colors.

It can also be decorated with various elements (buttons, fabric or knitted decor, satin ribbons).

It’s easy to make a developmental mat for your little one. You will need an old blanket as a base, buttons and fabric appliqués (preferably felt) for decoration. Decor should be sewn onto the base. You can also attach arcs made of thick wire covered with fabric and foam rubber.

Using a ribbon, hang various game elements created by yourself (balls, animal figures, rustling toys) on them.

on this topic

About the first toys for newborns in the video:

Thus, manufacturers offer a wide selection of toys for children of different ages. Newborns and infants should buy musical mobiles, rattles, squeakers, garlands with rustling noises, and cubes. A girl can buy a baby doll or a tumbler doll, and a boy can buy a toy car.

Children of both sexes will benefit from an educational mat. If you don’t trust store-bought toys, then you should make them yourself from high-quality materials. It is enough to have a little free time, creativity and imagination.

Source: https://momjournal.ru/semya/detskie-tovary/igrushki/dlya-novorozhdennyx.html

From what age should I use it?

In addition, for newborn babies up to three months, it does not matter what color the toys hung on this device will be, since at this age they do not distinguish colors. You can hang black and white toys on this structure for them

Experts allow the use of mobiles for newborn babies only if you turn on this toy for them no more than five minutes a day. Using this device for a longer period of time may overtire your baby.

For a baby aged three to four months, this toy is more interesting

The baby can already concentrate on the toy he likes and distinguish between different colors. This is why experts recommend using mobile phones from this childhood age.

At the same age, it is already acceptable to turn on musical mobiles that will delight the child with a pleasant melody and a moving carousel.

For children under four months of age, it is better to turn on this device only during the daytime, when the baby is already awake. Under no circumstances should you wake up a baby with this device, as it may become frightened and start crying. In the evening, it is also better not to turn on mobile phones, as they can disturb your baby’s sleep. Not only will he not be able to fall asleep right away, but he will generally have very restless sleep. During the day, the baby will be amused not only by the rotating toys themselves, but also by the shadows that move on the walls along with them.

If you have a baby between four months and six months, you can safely purchase a mobile without worrying that this device may have a bad effect on your baby’s nervous system. If you previously had such a device, then at this age you should replace it with a new, more interesting one. In addition, you need to purchase a mobile phone with a more reliable design, since a six-month-old baby will certainly try to touch the toys and pull them along with him. Although the baby is already a little older, you still shouldn’t leave him unattended in a cradle with such a toy, since he can break the mobile, and small parts can end up where they shouldn’t.

A baby older than six months is not very interested in calmly watching a carousel with toys; he will try to get up and grab the toys. That is why it is better to disconnect them from the structure and let the child play with them. But the mobile will help develop the baby’s desire to walk and move independently in different ways. In this case, the music device can only be used to play soothing children's melodies. For one-year-old and older children, there is no need to purchase mobile phones, since children at that age are fidgety, they will not lie down and watch them, such toys are no longer interested in them.

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Mobiles on cribs for newborns: when to hang a toy, rating of the best

Mobile (English “mobile” - mobile, moving) is a device that consists of several small toys, freely suspended on a cross and moving in a circle using a built-in mechanism. Because of this feature, the device is called a carousel.

Mobile for newborn

It is known that prototypes of modern mobiles were used by ancient Russian parents, who placed bags of herbs, straw figurines, and wooden birds on pendants above the cradle as a talisman for the child against the evil eye.

A modern crib mobile for newborns has lost its protective purpose, but it also brings benefits:

  • toys placed in the infant’s field of vision become the first objects of exploration of the surrounding world;
  • bright accessories attract the baby’s gaze and train attention and visual activity;
  • the carousel captivates the baby for a while while the parents solve everyday issues;
  • the device alternates melodies and helps the baby fall asleep or sets a rhythm while awake;
  • removable hanging figures are used for games when the child grows up;
  • The gadget is a wonderful decoration for a children's room.

At what age do you put a mobile phone on your crib?

Experts do not give a clear answer to this question. In the first 4 weeks of life, a newborn baby still sees poorly (and notices only stationary objects) and only needs food, sleep and dry, comfortable clothing. If the gadget has already been purchased, then play music quietly for a short time for the newborn.

A two-month-old baby is able to focus his gaze on a moving object. Many experts recommend using a mobile phone from this age, while:

  • do not constantly use the crumbs during every waking moment;
  • do not turn on the music at full volume, as loud sound overloads the baby’s psyche and causes restless behavior and insomnia;
  • dismantle the device as soon as the baby learns to sit up independently and catch the figures with his hands.

Important! A child sitting up on his own may accidentally break the mobile mount and injure himself.

Carousel over the crib

Mobile selection criteria

Retail chains offer a large selection of carousels for kids. What to look for when choosing an accessory:

  1. On the material and frame. A durable, rigid arched base is made of plastic with a screw, clip or strap fastening.
  2. To the torque mechanism (mechanical or electronic).
  3. For musical accompaniment. Before purchasing a device, listen to all the proposed melodies; it is also desirable to have a silent mode.
  4. For hanging elements, which can be textile (cotton, synthetic), wooden or plastic. Parents usually prefer models with removable toys. A high-quality mobile has no chemical odors and is not painted with acid-colored paints.
  5. Additional options: remote control, projector, player, relay that responds to a baby’s cry, volume control, rotation modes and others.
  6. For the integrity of parts, uniformity and color fastness, practicality in everyday life.

Important! Before purchasing, be sure to make sure that the attachments match the specific crib.

Plastic carousels and removable elements can be easily treated with disinfectants and are multifunctional, but if they fall they can slightly injure or frighten the baby. Textile elements are harmless, but quickly become dirty, which can be eliminated with a regular washing machine.

Devices are purchased only in specialized stores, after checking all documents and safety certificates.

Parents can choose a mobile for their child based on their own taste, preferences and financial capabilities.

Types of mobiles for a crib

Lullabies for newborns

There are a large number of mobile phones of different purposes, functionality and quality. Basically they are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Decorative. They are used to decorate a children's room; they do not have a rotating element or musical accompaniment.
  2. Mechanical. The rotating mechanism is driven by a winding handle; one winding lasts for 3-5 minutes. work. Such models have no additional options and are low in cost.
  3. Electronic. They operate on batteries continuously for up to 30 minutes, are easy to operate, and do not require constant recharging. Most often they have several additional functions: choice of music, lighting, projector, and so on. Depending on the material, manufacturer and set of additional options, they have a wide price range.

top 5 best crib mobiles

Classical music for newborns

Manufacturers present a large and varied range of accessories for cribs, and it is difficult for parents to decide which mobile is best for a newborn.

1st place goes to the Tiny Love “Island of Sweet Dreams” mobile for newborns.

Mobile Tiny Love “Island of Sweet Dreams”

Main characteristics of the device:

  • The set includes a night lamp, attractive detachable toys, and a remote control;
  • Four melodies are recorded that can sound loud and quiet for up to 20 minutes, there is a “silent” function;
  • an electronic mechanism that rotates the pendants in a circle and around its axis;
  • If necessary, it can be divided into a night light and a music box.

The downside is the high price.

2nd place goes to the Fisher-Price mobile “Butterfly Dreams three in one.” Advantages of the gadget:

  • built-in projector (also a night light), music unit (classical music, nature sounds, heartbeat recording) and removable plush toys;
  • electronic rotation mechanism;
  • remote control control;
  • volume control.

Disadvantages - the projector turns on only with music, the remote control can only be controlled in loud sound mode, a large number of rechargeable batteries are required.

3rd place goes to the Tiny Love Boom-Box mobile. Advantages of this model:

  • holder in the form of a white palm tree with removable textile figures;
  • electronic rotating element;
  • the mobile music unit includes 15 melodies of different styles, is detached from the structure and used autonomously;
  • has a volume control;
  • serves as a night light.

Cons: no remote control, not suitable for all beds, high cost.

In 4th place is the Chicco “Magic Stars” mobile. Strengths of this device:

  • electronic rotation mechanism;
  • a projector that broadcasts the starry sky and outer space (used as a night light);
  • a sound sensor that responds to the baby’s crying and starts the carousel;
  • removable textile hanging star figures;
  • infrared remote control;
  • high quality materials.

Cons: “girly” color, unregulated sound, quick battery drain, high cost.

5th place belongs to the Russian mobile made in China “Giraffe”. Advantages of this model:

  • low cost and acceptable design;
  • electronic rotation mechanism, working with or without sound;
  • the ability to choose one of 18 melodies;
  • built-in timer;
  • removable plastic hanging toys with movable limbs and rubberized inserts are often used as teethers or rattles;
  • safe mirror for babies.

Cons: short holder, fastening system does not fit all cribs and strollers, the rotating mechanism is noisy, some modes do not function correctly.


How to make a carousel with your own hands

Adults do not always have the opportunity to purchase a high-quality mobile for a newborn crib. In this case, creative parents make a carousel with their own hands, following a number of rules:

  1. use natural, safe hypoallergenic materials (wood, textiles, felt and others);
  2. monitor the safety of the suspended structure and fastening elements;
  3. the most savvy ones invent a music system with calm, quiet music;
  4. For the manufacture of mobiles, pastel-colored materials are selected.

Important! High-quality materials do not have strong odors (wooden blanks may have a slight woody aroma) and unstable paints.

DIY mobile

Advantages of making a carousel with your own hands:

  • parents make an accessory that fully meets their needs;
  • the master personally monitors the strength and safety of individual elements and the entire structure as a whole;
  • a mobile is designed for an older baby, focusing on his preferences;
  • the homemade device is charged with positive parental energy;
  • some make a carousel amulet according to ancient Russian canons;
  • They spend much less money on purchasing materials and making toys themselves than on buying a ready-made one.

Disadvantages of making a device yourself:

  • to create a carousel with your own hands, you spend a significant amount of time, materials and labor;
  • the result (especially for novice masters) may not meet initial expectations.

The procedure for creating a carousel with your own hands

The mobile manufacturing process is divided into 2 stages: preparing the base frame and creating hanging elements.

The base frame is a load-bearing structural element to which hanging figures are attached from below; it is suspended from the upper part from the ceiling or canopy. The shape of the frames is made cross-shaped or round.

To create a cross-shaped wooden frame you will need:

  • 2 wooden chopsticks (suitable for Chinese food);
  • high-quality glue (you can use “Moment”);
  • strong twine or clothesline;
  • safe jewelry to suit the taste of the master.

Operating procedure:

  1. measure the sticks and mark the center on each (sticks for Chinese food are made symmetrical on both sides);
  2. align the centers of the sticks and glue them crosswise with glue (for strength, make a shallow groove at the gluing site);
  3. one side of the rope or twine is tightly wrapped around the glued area, the other side is made in the form of a loop by which the cross will be suspended;
  4. leave the glued structure for the glue to harden for some time (indicated in the instructions for using the glue);
  5. decorate the mount at the discretion of the master.

A circular frame is easier to manufacture, but such a carousel is inactive. For such a module, an embroidery hoop, decorative rope or satin ribbon up to 1 cm wide, reliable glue, and scissors are prepared.

Operating procedure:

  1. the hoop is separated and a smaller circle is taken as a basis;
  2. make a decorative wrapping with rope or ribbon;
  3. firmly fix the ends of the winding;
  4. make a loop for hanging.

Then hanging toys are made for the newborn’s crib. For example, to create a bird figurine from felt you will need:

  • pastel colored felt,
  • matching threads,
  • 2 small beads,
  • needle,
  • scissors,
  • chalk or pencil,
  • filler (sintepon, holofiber),
  • glue.

Carousel with felt birds

Draw a small silhouette of a bird on thick paper and cut it out. 2 bird parts are cut out of felt in a mirror image. Place the parts together and sew them together along the edges with a loop stitch, leaving a hole in the belly for stuffing. After stuffing and sewing up the holes, wings are glued on the sides, and beady eyes are firmly sewn on.

Other figures are made using the same principle.

If the mother knows how to knit, then hanging toys are knitted from natural threads with durable coloring. Detailed patterns for knitting toys are posted on the Internet.

No less interesting are soft textile hanging elements in the Waldorf style, tildes, teddy bears and others.

Source: https://kpoxa.info/raznoe/mobil-na-krovatku-novorozhdennyx.html

What types of mobiles are there?

Among the variety of moving toys for children, there are only two main types: musical models and devices without musical accompaniment. The first type, in turn, comes with mechanical winding and battery-powered ones. Let's take a closer look at the description of each type:

1. Wooden (simple, ordinary) mobile phone for a crib:

  • easy to use - all you need to do is purchase toys and hang them correctly using the fastening (regular rope or cord);
  • made from natural wood, therefore safe for children from an environmental point of view;
  • you can change the pendants yourself to your taste;
  • The disadvantage is that the toy cannot be adjusted in height.

2. Mechanical mobile (pros and cons):

  • the toy movement mechanism must be manually wound;
  • its operating principle resembles a music box, which is why only one melody usually sounds;
  • backlight is not provided;
  • has more toys than a wooden mobile.

3. Electronic (electric) mobiles for a crib:

  • no constant winding is required since it runs on batteries;
  • no longer one melody, but several musical accompaniments;
  • the rotation speed can be adjusted, for which there is a remote control;
  • there is usually a backlight.

The musical component is present in almost all devices, except decorative ones. Mechanical carousel for a baby crib - there is only one melody.

Electronic models have a wider choice: in terms of the number of songs and their duration, such a toy resembles a tape recorder.

The most modern toys, in addition to songs, also have a night light and a projector. Now the child will be able to closely monitor both moving toys and the “starry skies.” In addition, there is an additional device - a control panel.

Thus, the best, but at the same time expensive accessory is the “three in one” model:

  • mobile phone for a crib;
  • music block;
  • night light;
  • projector.

Such a toy can captivate a child up to the age of three, since in the future it can be used as a kind of tape recorder.

In addition, manufacturers took into account the possibility of shocks and falls, so the product will serve faithfully for many years.

Mobile for a newborn's crib: is it necessary or not?

Parents prepare very carefully for the arrival of their baby and want to welcome him with everything they need.

I once got into a conversation with a woman who told me that she was 34 weeks pregnant. She is so superstitious that she has not yet looked after a stroller, a crib, or things for the baby. I’m not saying that I didn’t think about which maternity hospital to give birth in. However, I listened to her position, but did not share it.

Being a mother for the first time means that you need to put theoretical experience into practice. Things don't always work out the first time. So I want to calmly set up breastfeeding, and not think, for example, what kind of crib to buy.

I saw such mothers in baby stroller stores: “Let’s buy something, I beg you, I have to feed the baby in 30 minutes, I won’t be able to do this in the store.”

However, there is another category of parents - they prepare everything in advance, do not believe in examples, but believe in positivity. They are the ones who look for a crib and stroller already at 25 weeks of pregnancy, order textiles, toys and buy things.

Is a mobile phone for a crib a necessary thing or a waste of money?

Modern mobile phones are very different. There are handmade options: parents choose felt toys themselves and their quantity too. There are also ready-made plastic options. An additional function is a music unit, which can be mechanical (you need to wind it up) or battery-powered (plays and plays), and also includes from 1 tune to 25 or more.

The design of the mobile itself can be made of plastic or wood - to suit any design of a children's room.

"For" mobile

  • During the first months of life, the baby learns to focus his gaze on certain objects. The mobile spinning on top is very captivating.
  • The mobile music is very pleasant and gentle, it helps the baby calm down and get ready for sleep.
    And mom will have a little more time. The baby can be captivated by toys for 10-30 minutes.
  • 5 months will pass (perhaps earlier) and the baby will begin to develop motor skills - he will want to reach out to the mobile toys and touch them.

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