How to choose a mobile for a newborn? Review of popular models.

A crib mobile for newborns is one of the first toys you can buy for a newborn baby. The thing is simple and understandable. For an experienced parent, a baby mobile for a crib has long been a known thing. We also thought that we knew almost everything about her. However, having delved into the issue, we found something new for ourselves. Let's figure out why you need a mobile for a crib and is it a necessary thing at all? How not to get confused and buy a mobile for a crib correctly - description of types and functions? Is it a long-lasting thing or not? What toys are hanging there? What is a mobile for twins, what does it go with and do we need it? How to make a mount for a mobile phone on a crib and the mobile itself with your own hands?

The article turned out to be big. It’s not for nothing that there is an opinion: they talk about complex things briefly, and about simple ones – for a long time. Unfortunately this is always the case. Grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and……. Reade set Go!

Mobile for a crib - what is it?

To start a conversation, you need to generally understand: what is a “mobile”? So,

A crib mobile is a special design with a variety of small toys that can be hung above a newborn’s crib. The mobile is a curved holder bracket for the crib. It is attached to the side grilles. At the end there is a device on which hanging toys are located. The toys should be installed in such a way that the toys hang above the child’s chest, at a distance of 50 cm from his eyes. The mobile can spin toys, play a melody, or shine a projector somewhere, for example, on the ceiling or wall.

Mobile for the crib - why is it needed?

We suggest you immediately decide why you need a mobile for a crib? It seems to us for three purposes: a vision trainer, distracting the child’s attention, decorating the crib and the room in particular.

The crib mobile is a visual simulator

Newborns at different ages see at different distances. They learn to focus their gaze and constantly train their eyes. A crib mobile with hanging toys is a great training object. For the first 2-3 months, it is enough to use black and white toys. A newborn begins to distinguish colors only after 3-4 months of life. Therefore, to train vision from 3 months, toys that are contrasting in color are needed. For example, blue and red toys. Don't worry, the manufacturers know this.

Baby mobile on crib distracts newborn's attention

The mobile allows you to interest and distract the “furious” baby. Bright toys spinning around the child will arouse strong interest on his part. Not enough toys? Then a children's crib music mobile with a projector will come to the rescue. Yes, yes there are some! They will be discussed below in the text. The main thing here is not to overdo it with excessive flickering of toys and lights in front of his eyes. And the constant same music gets pretty boring. Otherwise the effect will be completely different. The mobile also gives the mother a little break while the baby is busy with it.

Mobile as a nursery decoration

A crib mobile is not just a toy for a newborn. It can look like a real work of art and will decorate your baby's crib. It is always a pleasure to deal with beautiful things for both adults and children. We are all drawn to beauty.

At what age can a mobile be placed on a crib?

Inexperienced parents often wonder: at what age should you hang/buy a baby mobile on a crib? The answer here is extremely simple. It is better to purchase it immediately before birth, or before the baby arrives home from the hospital. Then there may be no time!

A crib mobile will become relevant from about one month onwards. Until 1 month, the child practically does not distinguish any objects. If you didn’t purchase a toy before the baby was born, then it’s okay, you still have a whole month to cope with this task. Therefore, if you want to know exactly: at what age does a newborn need a crib mobile - from 1-1.5 months of life.

How to properly hang a mobile phone on a crib?

Another exciting question for young parents is how to properly hang a mobile phone on a crib for a newborn.

? The answer is even simpler than the previous one. It should be hung in such a way that the toys hang above the child’s chest, at a distance of 50 cm from the eyes.

The fact is that only in the first month of life, toys suspended at a distance of 25-30 cm from the baby’s eyes develop visual perception well. Above, the child practically does not distinguish any objects. At 1 month, the most important visual objects are the faces of mom, dad or nipple. The baby simply doesn’t need everything else, including a mobile phone for the crib.

However, the first month passes quickly. Doctors have found that after 1 month of life, the child sees perfectly at a distance of 50 cm from the eyes. In addition, it is so convenient for him to grab toys hanging on the mobile with his hands. Therefore, how to properly hang a mobile phone on a crib for a newborn - above the chest and at a height of 50 cm from the eyes.

Mechanical or electronic. Which carousel should you choose?

It’s not for nothing that our stores have several types of mechanical and electronic carousels. If there was no demand, the product would fly off the shelves. It turns out that in our age of new technologies, there are still lovers of simpler things. But how then to choose a mobile for a newborn?

To answer this question, I will show the pros and cons of these two types:

Electronic carousel and its advantages:

  • The first important plus, in my opinion, is the presence of several melodies to choose from;
  • The second is the ability to set the duration of music playback and the desired volume;
  • Also, sometimes the electronic carousel comes with a remote control, thanks to which you can turn it off from a distance.

Electronic carousel, cons:

  • The cost of such a carousel leaves much to be desired. It is much more expensive than any other crib hanger;
  • Cumbersome design. Some buyers may be confused not by the price, but by the large size of the toy, because this design takes up quite a lot of space above the crib.

Mechanical carousel, advantages:

  • Almost any average person has the opportunity to purchase such a hanging carousel. And this is important, since when a child is born, a lot of money is spent on clothes, diapers and food for the newborn;
  • The mechanical carousel is not heavy. The main thing is to pay attention to the fastening of the structure itself;
  • It is easier to store than electronic, it does not take up much space.

Mechanical carousel and its disadvantages:

  • These carousels have one melody. And this melody plays quickly when it’s fully wound up, but as soon as the winding starts to run out, it slows down greatly and drags out the sound;
  • You need to come up and start the carousel too often. At some point, this will get boring and parents will stop using the musical function of the toy.

I would like to remind you that these are general observations of young mothers from forums, so you should not take them as the basic rules when buying a hanging toy, as I said earlier: there are no comrades according to taste and color! Developing with mom is always more enjoyable; take your newborn out of the crib more often and play together!

During the neonatal period and the first three months, the baby begins to explore the world through the organs of vision, hearing, and touch. Therefore, toys at this age should develop precisely these analyzers.

Mobile holder for crib

To hang something over a crib, you need

Mobile holder for a newborn crib. This is a small plastic or wooden composite structure. To put it roughly: a crib clip in which an arc on a stick with a cross on a string is attached. And on the crosspiece there are toys hanging and dangling. Of course, this is primitive, and the holders can be very different.

The crib mobile holder has exactly one function: to hold it over the newborn baby. When the child grows up, he will reach out and try to tear toys off the mobile, while the bracket should spring a little. Otherwise it will quickly break.

The bracket for the mobile can be attached to the crib anywhere. For convenience, hang it on the side on the grill. To fasten directly to the grille, use a plastic clip, rarely a metal one.

If you don’t want to buy something, or have a great desire to make things, or the standard device is broken, then you can always make a mobile holder for your crib with your own hands. It's not difficult to make it from wood. Some craftsmen manage to make it moveable.

It seems that a bracket for a mobile phone is not the most important thing to think about. Watch the trash video.

Buy a mobile for a crib

Okay, we finally decided to buy a mobile for a crib, we go to the store and there are a lot of them and they are different. To understand what to buy, you need to know what types of mobile phones there are and what functions they may have.

Modern mobiles come in three varieties:

  • Wood
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic

The main functions that a mobile phone can have:

  • Spinning toys
  • Make sounds
  • Shine with lights and be a night light in the nursery
  • Have removable toys

Knowledge of the types and their functions will allow you to figure out which mobile to buy for a crib is better. More about them below.

Wooden mobile for a crib

The simplest design is a wooden mobile for a crib.

. It has no bells and whistles, it can't start at all. The toys simply hang over the baby’s crib and sway with the movement of air or an adult’s hand. By its nature, such a toy is reminiscent of ordinary pendants made from rattle toys that used to be hung above a crib or stroller. They hang themselves even today if there is no desire to purchase a mobile phone.

In general, this is a normal budget option if you are not a fan of bells and whistles, or you can’t afford them. This also happens. The big advantages of a wooden crib mobile include the fact that the toys on it are easy to replace. Subsequently, they can be removed from there altogether, and when the child grows up, they can be used for a separate game.

Watch the video where dad made a wooden mobile for the crib with his own hands, and he also made wooden removable toys. It looks unusual. There's something in this!

Mechanical mobile for crib

A more advanced option - a mechanical crib mobile

. It is built on the principle of a wind-up toy. I started it up and the suspension spins in a circle. The spring went out and the toys stopped. It’s an interesting thing that can attract a child’s attention and keep him occupied for a short time. In addition, it can play music. True, just one melody.

One of the disadvantages of a manual crib mobile is that you need to start it manually. On the other hand, this will be an extra reason to approach the baby and talk to him. This mobile is more expensive than the previous one.

Electronic crib mobile

The modern version of this toy is an electronic mobile for a crib.

. Most often, it combines several functions: 1) independent movement of toys; 2) a full-fledged player, with several melodies; 3) projector; 4) night light. The electronic mobile is controlled using a remote control and runs on batteries. Melodies can sound without interruption for half an hour. There is also the ability to regulate the speed at which the toys rotate.

Let us note that an electronic music mobile for a crib with a projector is an interesting thing that certainly deserves attention. There is a clear minus. It costs a lot, and is clearly more expensive than previous options.

There are two video reviews and a mobile review of Tiny Love’s Magic Lamp” crib. It perfectly shows what “electronic children's music with a projector” is.

Mobile on the crib - what toys are hung there

Indeed, what kind of crib mobile is this without toys? There must be toys on it, otherwise the whole meaning is lost. The mobile can be equipped with any small toys. This means their appearance, you need to choose from what you like. Don't be lazy and go to the store to see what they sell. On the Internet, the pictures are all just right – beautiful and attractive. In life, not all that glitters is gold.

Description of toys for a baby mobile for a newborn crib is a thankless task. Here we are talking about something else: what material the toys are made of, and whether they can be removed.

Today there are three options: plastic, wood, textiles.

Wooden mobile toys

Wooden toys for a children's mobile on a crib are the most inexpensive. They are good because wood is a natural material, so it is often recommended for children’s first toys. In addition, there are craftsmen who make mobile toys for a newborn’s crib with their own hands.

Plastic toys

Plastic mobile toys come in a variety of shapes. They are very bright and colorful. There is one unpleasant moment. With the development of trade with China, a sea of ​​products for children made of low-quality plastic has poured into our market. You can’t try this on a child’s tooth. Parents need to be on their guard.

Fabric toys for mobiles for baby cribs

Textile toys for mobiles and cribs are perfect for developing a child’s tactile perception. Do not forget that at about 5–6 months, the child will have a persistent desire to grab everything, and try everything he grabs. Soft toys will be very convenient in this regard. Fabrics can be of various contrasting colors. In addition, they can be used at an older age for role-playing and other games. Note: children prefer soft toys for mobiles on a crib. You can also make them yourself, watch the video.

Is a baby mobile for a crib a long-lasting item?

It seems that a mobile phone is needed only for the first 3-4 months, up to a maximum of six months. In fact, a crib mobile can be used throughout the entire first year of a newborn’s life. Especially if you find one with a universal mount. In the sense that the holder for the mobile on the crib can, if necessary, be attached to the crib, and to the playpen, and to the stroller.

To ensure that your mobile lasts you a long time, it is best to look for one with removable toys. After a year, remove the toys from there and give them to the baby for use, and remove the mount. Without removable toys, the mobile will turn into a specialized item that will be needed for a short time.

If you buy a children's musical mobile for the crib with a 3-in-1 projector - with music and light, then later the melody player, night light and projector can also be used as a separate thing.

Baby's first toys

While the child is awake, he can play with toys. Depending on the child’s age, toys can be hung above the baby’s crib or given to him. If the baby already knows how to sit, then you can put it on the mat next to him.

For the proper development of the baby, toys play an important role. What should a baby's first toys be ?

Nowadays, stores sell a large variety of toys for children and older children.

But with such a huge variety, it’s not always possible to immediately figure out what would be most suitable for my child at a given time, what should the baby’s first toys be? If it’s a rattle, which one is better to take, so that it helps in the development of the baby and at the same time does not clutter up the home space too much... Don’t get carried away with buying toys, take only what you have planned.

Toys for newborns

In general, toys are not needed in the first month of a child’s life. It is now more important for him to accept and understand the new world, the environment in which he now finds himself. And for him, every minute is filled with new sensations. He now breathes on his own - this is new for him, he is given food - this is also new, he is now being dressed in clothes - for 9 months. This definitely wasn’t the case.


Mobile for a crib – is it necessary or not?

We have already said why you need a mobile for a crib.

. Now let’s look at the question: is it necessary at all, or can you do without it?

When choosing the first things for your baby, you naturally want everything to be taken into account. To give the child all the best that can be. Nowadays people constantly talk about the development of a child from the cradle. In terms of development, a crib mobile is a very interesting thing. Therefore, if you have the desire and opportunity, then be sure to purchase it. It's really worth it.

However, a baby mobile for a crib is not an essential item. If desired, it can be replaced with simpler things. For example, the same garland of rattles or arcs for toys. As they say: cheap and cheerful. With them, the child’s visual and auditory perception will also develop perfectly. To develop tactile perception, there are now a great many books - rustling toys and other educational toys.

Therefore, if you do not have the desire and opportunity to buy a mobile for a crib, do not worry. An alternative can always be found. And special craftsmen can, in principle, build the simplest mobile on their own. There's a lot going on here.

Mobile for a crib for twins

Twins are always a unique case. Starting from their conception to their later life. Because life with them does not fit into the usual framework of single children. And many things that work great for one child will absolutely not work for two or more children.

A crib mobile for twins is no exception.

You can purchase it. Just remember that you will need two of them. And this already costs twice as much, since some mobile phones are not cheap. And then life begins…….

At first it was okay: they hung a mobile phone for everyone on their own crib. But this is up to 5 months. The only problem here will be with turning on music at the same time: one is sleeping, the other is not. One needs music, the other doesn't. So it will have to be regulated somehow. Apparently, turn on the mobile phones for the twins one at a time. So that no one is offended by what sounds good to one, but not to another.

But after 5 months, all healthy children suddenly show an interest in touching, feeling, and testing teeth. And here the twins begin their first “showdowns” among themselves. This happens because there is an unspoken rule: what is in the hands of a neighbor is always much more interesting than what is in your hands, even if it is exactly the same. Hanging toys on a children's mobile above a brother's (sister's) crib is much more interesting than your own. So what needs to be done? That's right, get them. By any means. This is how scandals begin, which are not easy for even two adults to resolve. And if mom is alone, turn off the lights.

In order not to complicate your life, you need to try to reduce all sharp corners to a minimum from the very beginning of the twins’ lives. There is no need to use all the “recommended for mandatory use” things unless necessary. Otherwise, they simply won’t be useful to you, and in the worst case, they will make your life much more difficult. In this case

a mobile on a crib for twins will only get in the way. You won’t get by with one, but for two there will be a constant war. By the way, even more so for one.

Twins rarely lie quietly in their crib for a long time, looking at something, contemplating something. For them, once they start actively spinning, the priority is movement. Therefore, they will need toys that they can grab and crawl with.

Our advice to you: if you are expecting twins, you shouldn’t go broke buying a mobile for a crib for twin newborns. They will definitely have interactive things and already directly in action in role-playing games. They will actively begin after a year. For now, it’s easier to arrange it the old fashioned way - hanging a garland above the crib. That is, two garlands. They perfectly develop visual, and a little later, auditory perception. Fortunately, they are not as attractive to children as a mobile phone. Hangs and hangs. While I’m lying there, I look. But I don’t have to look. And my brother has it hanging. He looks too.

Types of mobiles

Today, manufacturers offer many types of carousels for cribs.

Mechanical mobiles

Such devices are not equipped with batteries and require periodic winding at regular intervals. This will have to be done regularly - every three to five minutes. This is not entirely convenient for the child's mother.

In mechanical mobiles, most often only one melody is loaded, and after a breakdown they cannot be repaired. But these are the most budget models.

Electronic mobiles

These are more modern models that run on batteries. As a rule, such carousels offer several melodies and rotation modes. The duration of the plant is on average half an hour, which is more convenient for the child’s mother.

Most often, such models come with a remote control, which allows you to use the mobile - turn it on and off - from a distance, without going near the crib. This can be very convenient, especially if the baby falls asleep. Sometimes a child wakes up from any noise, and even the mother’s steps can wake him up. Or, when mom wakes up in the morning, she can turn on the mobile phone from the remote control to keep the baby busy.

In addition to music, the latest models of mobiles also provide night lighting: a built-in night light that provides dim, diffused light.

You can choose a mobile model equipped with a projector function. Here, hanging toys are displayed on the ceiling and spin, accompanied by pleasant melodies. The child will definitely like such pictures on the ceiling. But you need to be prepared to pay a decent amount for all the additional features.

Decorative mobiles

Such mobile phones do not have a charger or batteries. Parents set them in motion by simply spinning them with their hands.

Mobile for the crib - the result

So, we found out: a mobile phone is not an essential thing, but it is interesting in itself. Therefore, if you have a desire to purchase it, then you are welcome. The child will only benefit from this. Popular models:

mobile for the crib of Tiny Love and Chicco .

If you don’t have the opportunity or desire to buy them, don’t be upset. Let's choose something alternative.

The article turned out to be voluminous. It can be easy to forget what happened in the beginning. For this reason, we decided to show you a video with the actual squeeze. The woman stated everything correctly.

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