manufacturing of hoses on Nansen | Dispatcher Yandex Taxi phone disinfestation of an apartment in Moscow Disinsection of residential premises Moscow in the SES “Clean City” - a guaranteed and long-lasting result. We are ready to offer radical methods using modern insecticidal preparations that will help get rid of unpleasant insects once and for all. Procedure:
The influence of a computer on a child's development
The influence of the computer on the child. What is it? Harm or benefit?
Development from A to Z Many parents are convinced that a computer for a preschooler or primary school child
The child does not drink formula, what should I do?
How to teach a child to use a bottle - not every child agrees to eat from a bottle with
The child’s feelings and connection with the mother: during pregnancy, childbirth and the first days of life
How wonderful the pregnancy period is for the expectant mother: the anticipation and anticipation of meeting her true one
The child has a temperature of 37 37 5 for 5 days
A child’s temperature lasts 6 days: what to do and how you can help your baby
Every mother panics at the slightest sign of a rise in temperature in her child. When this temperature is not
Healthy baby sleep
How long should a child sleep
How long should a newborn baby sleep between feedings? This is a fairly common question for pediatricians from young people.
On what legal grounds is it possible to refuse the Mantoux test in a school (kindergarten)
09/04/2017 For decades now, some scientists and enthusiasts have been trying to prove that mantoux
couple with newborn
How to avoid going crazy in the first three months after giving birth
If you have doubts, it means that you should take responsibility for seeking advice from a doctor - this means that
Why can't my child's BCG vaccination be seen?
What is BCG BCG refers to preventive measures that prevent the spread of infection and allow
List of what is needed in the maternity hospital for mother and baby in the winter of 2019-2020
Preparing the bag It is better to choose a bag with transparent sides or a bag. With a compact backpack
What to do if you missed taking utrozhestan during pregnancy
I missed a dose of Utrozhestan Hello everyone. Fifth week of pregnancy, prescribed Utrozhestan 200, vaginally once every