Teaching a child to tie shoelaces: 3 quick ways

When a child is very young, he learns certain things that may seem simple to an adult. The ability to stand up, walk, drink from a mug independently - all this is just the beginning. Next there will be new discoveries, one of which includes tying shoelaces.

When switching to shoes with laces, you must immediately learn how to tie them yourself

When should you start training?

Before you think about how to teach your child to tie his shoelaces, you need to pay attention to how developed his fine motor skills are. In order for a 5-year-old child to easily cope with this task, it is necessary to develop this ability from infancy.

For this purpose, it is important to give small objects for games, sculpt crafts from plasticine or clay with the baby, make bracelets from beads and draw. These classes have a positive effect on finger mobility. Naturally, the child should not be left alone during classes. Otherwise, it may end in an unexpected way.

Any work with hands prepares the child to conquer various discoveries. Teaching your child to tie his shoelaces with a bow will take a lot of precious time. If your fingers “run” easily, the process will be much easier.

Even at 3-4 years old, a child is able to cope with such a task. Naturally, at this age the learning process will be longer. However, some positive points can be highlighted:

  • the baby absorbs useful material more easily;
  • training helps improve memory and concentration;
  • there is a rapid development of mental abilities.

There is no need to make your child’s life too easy and buy shoes with existing Velcro. It is better to think about how to teach your child to tie his shoelaces. Perhaps initially the process will seem quite complicated to the baby. Therefore, in order to prevent disappointment in one’s abilities, it is imperative to explain to the child that his hands simply cannot cope with such work yet.

In addition, it is important not to discuss the failure that befell him in front of the baby. This may result in alienation and feelings of guilt. The point is that the child perceives his victories and failures with great emotionality.

Quickly learn the technique of tying shoelaces

Many parents have a question about how to teach their child to tie shoelaces.
This will be discussed step by step below. The main thing is to try to arouse the child’s interest, that is, turn work into play. To do this, you can prepare ribbons or beautiful wide ribbons in advance. You don't even need to use shoes. Parents must be present nearby to clearly demonstrate the process. A young child has a highly developed imitation, so he will readily repeat the actions of his parents. It is important to explain why this is being done.

Attention! Under no circumstances should you urge your child on or show irritability. From time to time it is necessary to praise and encourage the child to create a trusting atmosphere.

If parents do not know how to teach their child to tie shoelaces, they can show this by their own example. There are a couple of basic tying techniques that you can use to make learning go faster.

The child wants to tie his own shoelaces, but he doesn’t know how to do it

Method No. 1

To teach your child to tie his shoelaces with a bow, you can use an option in which the bow will consist of 2 loops:

  • fold the ends of the ribbons so as to form loops;
  • cross them together, bend the top one down and thread it into the resulting ring;
  • after pulling on two loops, the knot will tighten.

If the training takes place on boots, then after tying the knot, the ends of the laces can be tucked into the boots. It is necessary to try to explain to the baby that this is necessary, otherwise the laces will interfere with walking. It is also necessary for the baby to understand that if you do not make loops, it will be difficult to untie the knot.

Method number 2

Children, like little monkeys, copy the actions of adults. It is important to choose the moment when you need to go somewhere. Just so that there is still some free time left. Sit down next to your baby and show him how to tie his shoelaces. Take actions slowly and comment on your movements. It is better to choose laces that are firm so that they do not fray. If you need to teach your child to tie his shoelaces step by step, you can use the following instructions:

  1. One of the boots is taken by the mother, and the other by the child.
  2. The shoes should be slightly moved away from you so that the baby can see everything much better.
  3. Show the tying process, commenting on each movement. Repeat the manipulations several times.
  4. Ask the baby to repeat the movements.

Attention! If training on laces does not work, you should practice on a thick ribbon or a wide belt.

An important point is that if the baby has a left dominant hand, and the parents have a right hand, then difficulties may arise with the learning process. The best way out would be to seek help from a person who has the same leading hand.

Teaching a child to tie shoelaces: 3 quick ways

Tying your shoelaces is a basic action that adults already perform automatically. But for a child, this “science” often develops into a stressful situation. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to show patience and perseverance in this difficult matter. We have prepared for you three of the most effective ways that will help you quickly teach your child to tie his shoelaces without hysterics and tears.

Optimal age to learn to tie shoelaces

The first thing to remember is that there is a time for everything. Mastering this difficult skill for children is entirely individual. But according to statistics, girls learn to tie their shoelaces earlier than boys. Therefore, do not be surprised if the difference in their training is 2-3 years. In any case, this does not mean that your baby is lazy or slow. Typically, children successfully cope with laces between the ages of 4 and 6 years.

Popular teaching methods:

1. Exercise toys.

2. Poems and short stories.

3. Personal example.

4. Educational cartoon.

You need to prepare for training in advance, making sure to work on fine motor skills. Toys with laces also help a lot, as they teach you how to thread laces through holes in a playful way. Then you can add rhymes or short fairy tales that will help the child remember the sequence of actions.

Simple ways to tie shoelaces

Before teaching your child how to form a cute bow, start by tying a simple knot. This is already half the victory. You need to take a lace in each hand and pull them towards you. Next, place one lace on top of the other, crossing them. You need to thread one lace into the triangle obtained below and pull their ends in different directions. To interest a child, you can tell a funny story about a mouse (the end of the lacing) that hides in a hole (the loop between the laces). Then you can resort to more complex actions.

1. Bunny Ears Knot:

  • You need to pick up the lace.
  • Form a small loop on each so that the ends of the laces hang down.
  • Without letting go of your hands, place one loop on the second.
  • Pass the first loop down with your right hand, stretch a little.
  • Take the right loop with your left hand, and the left loop with your right.
  • Slowly stretch the loops to the sides, forming a knot and leaving two loops.

Simply put, you first need to tie the laces into a knot, and then make two loops and tie them in the same way. This is a two-loop knot, which is considered the most common and simplest in our country. The loops folded crosswise resemble bunny ears, which in turn can help you get your child interested in learning.

2.Obedient loops:

  • You need to insert the plastic end of the lace into the hole from which the cord extends.
  • The same must be done with the second tip.
  • This way the baby will form two large loops that do not need to be constantly held with your fingers.
  • Next, you need to take the formed loop in each hand and tie a regular knot twice.
  • Then you just need to pull the ends of the laces out of the holes - you're done!

This method will help teach your child to tie his shoelaces in just a couple of minutes. It simplifies the task of constantly forming and holding loops. In addition, if the child accidentally lets go of the laces, there is no need to form loops from the very beginning.

3.Hidden hinges

1. You need to tighten the ends of the lace after the first knot.

2.Place the index finger of your left hand under the lace in your hand.

3.Use the index finger of your right hand to grasp the lace you are holding from above.

4.Then you need to grab the lace behind your left index finger with your right hand.

5. At the same time, with your left hand you need to take part of the lace that lies on your right finger.

6. The fixed parts between the index finger and thumb must be carefully pulled in different directions, after first releasing the ends of the laces.

At first glance, this is a rather difficult way to remember how to tie shoelaces. But if you practice well, then in practice it is the fastest in time. Perfect for kids who don't like to collect loops and their busy parents.

Whatever method you choose to tie shoelaces, always be lenient and patient with your child. Never force him to learn how to tie shoes against his will. It’s better to unobtrusively involve him in this activity in the form of a game, and then praise and support the initiative, even if he doesn’t succeed yet. Regardless of your child’s skills, we suggest choosing high-quality shoes with and without laces in the Blooms online store. And let training on new shoes be the easiest, most fun and successful!

Tips for effective and interesting learning

In order to teach your child to tie his shoelaces with a bow, and not discourage him from further learning the unknown, you should use some tips. They will help make the learning process fast and interesting:

  1. Buying new shoes. If previously the baby only wore shoes with Velcro, then the new thing will be a symbol that the child has become more mature. This means there is more responsibility.
  2. To generate interest, you can come up with exciting stories about the adventures of a sailor who regularly encounters tying knots.
  3. You can interest a girl with a story about fashion and style. There are always kerchiefs and scarves that you need to learn how to tie skillfully.

Advice! When teaching, it is better to sit next to the baby, and not opposite, so that copying does not occur in a mirror image. It will be much more convenient for the child to simply repeat the movements.

Video: how to teach a child to tie his shoelaces

The third way is to teach using games.

You can teach your child to tie his shoelaces through games. Today there are special lacing toys that are made in the shape of shoes, animals, etc. They are suitable for children aged two years and older. With their help, learning will be more enjoyable.

You can also make these shoes yourself together with your baby. To do this, draw shoes on a small piece of cardboard. Cut holes in it for the laces. Now you can teach your child using this example. This option is very helpful, because you can not only teach a child how to tie his shoelaces, but also how to thread them correctly into the holes.

If a child refuses to learn to tie his shoelaces, use a trick. Tell them your back hurts and you can’t tie them yourself. Ask your child to help, he will be happy to start tying your shoelaces.

What determines the success of classes

Any classes must be conducted on a regular basis. If you are thinking about how to teach a child to tie his shoelaces, you can sit behind the baby and, taking his hands in yours, try to direct the actions. But the best method is when one of the parents is located next to the child so that he can copy everything that the adult does. It is important to consider certain factors that can affect the success of training:

  • there should be no rush. It is important to have free time for classes;
  • there is no need to train before going to the zoo or other exciting place, since the child’s thoughts will already be far from what is happening;
  • since kids get tired quite quickly, lessons should be kept short;
  • It is important to adhere to consistency; you cannot jump from one technique to another.

Teaching your child to tie his shoelaces with a bow is not as difficult as it might seem. The main thing is to catch the right moment so that the baby is ready to learn new things. It is important to be patient and resourceful. Only this will allow the child to quickly learn this science and easily tie the laces on his shoes.

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